Theocratic coloring book for children

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  • unbeliever

    Would you want your children coloring some of these pictures? If you want to see a larger version go to the website above and click on the pictures. Also reading her opening paragraph. The witnesses are complaining about the wrong damn thing.

    Abraham offering Isaac


    Jesus on the stake


    Stephen being stoned


    Jezebel being thrown from the window


  • luna2

    Nice...not much effort made to use pictures truly appropriate for kids.

    "Hey, Mommy, I want to color the elder!" or "Can I do the murder picture?" (stoning of Stephen). "Look, Daddy, I did the sick, dying, old man...what's his name? Job?"

    I especially like No.79 (Ezra)...there's nothing to color except his face. No.32, Adam and Eve, is cool too. They look like country singers. LOL

  • misguided
    " I hate depriving children of these wholesome pictures because of the ads."

    I take pride in DEPRIVING my children of these WHOLESOME pictures!

    "Prepared For Burial" - very nice name for a colouring picture for children.

  • Gill

    What's with the fear of naming Jesus and calling him 'Him'? Pictures 96 and 97.

    Why have the WTBTS not shut this site down for profitering from their pictures. They could seriously sue the ass of this person!

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    My kids prefer 'scooby doo' and 'power puff girls' coloring books respectively

  • kgfreeperson

    Hmmm. Those pictures seem to have been removed. See, JWD does have an upbuilding influence!

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    I wonder if Margaret Keane knows she jacked her (I'm sure it's copyrighted) paradise picture for the cover

  • unbeliever
    I wonder if Margaret Keane knows she jacked her (I'm sure it's copyrighted) paradise picture for the cover

    LOL! Witnesses get so testy when that happens to them.

  • Frog

    Seriously though guys, how much did the 'my book of bible stories' mess with you head as a youngster?? It wasn't till a few years ago that I realised just how much so. Seriously though, because they're animated, but close to lifelike those pictures burned permanently into your psyche from the moment your parents started reading them to you at your bedside as a youngster. When I think back to particular "bible stories" I automatically assimilate to those jw 'artists impressions', same goes of course for 'armageddon' portrayals. Gees we were indoctrinated weren't we?? frog

  • JW83

    Some of those pictures are awful - I can't get the image of Abraham offering Isaac up out of my head, & I'm 28!!! I loved the one of the 'sick world' - how can it get any sicker than the murder & sex (not to mention the field service!) depicted?!! Plus most of them are blatant ripoffs from the WTS. Dumb!

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