Challenges Facing us in the New System

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  • stevieb

    From time to time some of us may have wondered about the amount of work that we will have to do restoring the post-Armageddon world into a Paradise. Think of all that construction and all that clearing up! How long is it going to take?

    In preparation for next week's bookstudy we come across Revelation 21:3,4 where we read that "the tent of God is with mankind". May this answer our concerns above? With Satan out of the way and with the backing of Jehovah God and Jesus Christ we will accomplish great things. Who knows what Jehovah has in store for us to enable us to tranform the earth into an Edenic paradise. So let us not worry but continue to rely on Jehovah.

    Warmest philia

    Steven (from Great Britain)

  • JayJay

    There are a few practicalities that I worry about:
    Who's going to make Microwave Meals and where will I get my Microwave oven serviced? I [i}really don't like fruit and stuff that much.
    Will I still be able to use Email?
    Will anyone still be making toilet paper? What happens when the stocks run out???
    Anyone alse have any 'worries' about the new system

  • claudia

    Yes, i worry that somehow, someway, rap music will make it into the new system. what do you guys think?

  • Caliban

    As long as 'Blind Date' get's canned, that will be good enough for me!

  • sleepy

    Its funny what they used to talk about on this site.
    I suggest you have a look at some of the fist pages for a good laugh
    Any of these people still around?

  • SixofNine

    I heard from Obed that Caliban is an apostate!

  • 25ashitaka25

    The tent of God is with mankind? I have a tent in my pants when you talk that way you bugger!!!!

    The first challege will be to make popcorn to eat while we watch crows peck their eyes out.....I love the New System.



  • Simon

    Who is that Caliban fellow? Shall I ban him?

  • Caliban

    No, please don't!

    If the truth hurts - maybe it isn't?

  • Simon

    Ok then

    BTW: If it isn't clear to anyone, Caliban was a handle I used on the old H20, Witnet (before I was booted) and here for a (very) few posts. I wanted to be able to join in some topics but not as the forum administrator if that makes sense.

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