Today's WT Study based on a theme that adds words not found in the original Greek.

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  • leaving_quietly

    Sorry for coming back to this thread. This lesson just bugs me. I keep finding stuff. Saw this one during the meeting.

    Par. 16: "Jesus also spoke of a man who was working in a field and found "hidden" treasure."

    Matt 13:44: “The Kingdom of the heavens is like a treasure, hidden in the field, that a man found and hid; and because of his joy, he goes and sells everything he has and buys that field.

    Where in the parable does it say the man was working in a field? I thought WTBTS was all about "accurate knowledge"!!!

  • sir82
    Poor Fred Franz, he must be rotating so rapidly in his grave that he'll get vertigo....
  • pronomono
    Marked. Excellent thread, leaving_quietly.
  • pixel

    I don't wan't to change topics, but this just jumped out:

    In fact, for more than twenty-seven years the spiritual remnant has been getting fewer in number. At the Memorial celebration of 1975 their number had dropped to 10,454.
    -- w75 10/1 p. 598 par. 11

    2014: 14121 Say what GB/WT/FDS????!!!!

  • paradisebeauty

    I also do dot agree with the explanations. 

    I believe the growth of the leaven in three parts, means that Christianity grew through different christian religions and organisations. 

    I also don't believe in the explanation in next week's article about the fish-men who catch good and bad fish. I think the real separation will be at Armageddon and the judgement will be individual. 

    I believe the illustrations discussed in the 2 articles show that the message on the kingdom of god grows through different christian religions and organisations and in the end the judgement and the salvation will be individual. 

    I also believe the explanations are "forced" just to fit into our general believe that the JW's are the only religious organisation approved by God. 

    They are doing what they say in the beginning of the first article we should not do if we want to understand the meaning. 

    PS: English is not my fist language, please excuse my mistakes, if they exist. 

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