Will there ever be another campaign like the 2006 one with kn37 ("The End of False Religion Is Near!")?

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  • Magnum

    nowwhat? - Here is a link to a pdf that you can download: 

    Kingdom News 37 - The End Of False Religion Is Near.pdf

    The pdf is of the entire tract, not just the cover.

    nowwhat?Yeah, that was the last time I was pumped up about service. Thinking the destruction of Babylon was going to occur within 2 years . My thinking was after receiving the tract people would think, holy c rap, those jw's were right!  you could say  that was another false prophecy

    That was the last time I was pumped up, too.

    fiddler2006?  I remember being all pumped up about the destruction of Babylon the great back in 1974 with the kingdom news tracts that were compared to Joshua's army marching around Jericho before the walls fell down...yeah right.
    And that was what, 40 years ago.  Armegeddon was Soooo imminent back then.  I was barely supposed to graduate high school.

    I remember all that, too. My parents were told with certainty and confidence that I'd never graduate high school or never get a driver's license.

  • kaik
    WT fails to understand than democracies around the world have guaranteed freedom of religion and worship established by constitution, and undemocratic regimes like Saudi Arabia have official state religion. Therefore, no attack on the religion would materialize from either groups.
  • jhine

    Well I hate to burst the bubble but " false religions " by which I assume they mean Christendom is really growing around the world . Especially in countries where the traditional religion is not Christianity , China and Middle Eastern countries , so another failed prophecy . 

    I know that is not the point of the thread Magnum ,you are pointing out the general softening of the WT attitude , but in that instance not only did the prophecy not come true but exactly the opposite is happening . 

    As already pointed out they must realise that they are laying themselves open to ridicule 


  • Zoos

    Are these Kingdom News pamphlets not the product of the "trumpet blasts" of Revelation to be delivered by a swarm of "locusts" for the purpose of "tormenting" the clergy?

    The only clergy I see shaking in their boots right now is the Watchtower clergy, withdrawing from their in-your-face-edness toward other religions.

    I don't understand. What went wrong?

  • Phizzy

    Perhaps JW's/WT/Org were foreseeing their own end in 2006 ?

    I remember halfheartedly going out with some of those Tracts, shortly after I ceased F.S for good.

  • Vidiot
    The fact that world statistics showed the polar opposite of that particular campaign's claim was one of the little things that helped me wake up, actually.
  • kaik
    jhine, Christianity is dying breed in many countries in the world and their share in Middle East had decreased significantly since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago. Do you realize Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt used to have significant Christian population and today is it is a shell of its former glory.
  • jhine

    Kaik , with respect I think that your information is somewhat out of date .Some quick googling came up with a different picture ,which I already knew but I wanted facts and figures to back up my claims.

    A 2013 report from the Gordon Cornwell Seminary called Christianity in it's Global Context gives the fastest growth of Christianity in Nepal then China .Then comes UAE , Saudi Arabia , Qatar ,Oman and Yemen .Other middle Eastern countries also occupy the rest of the "top 20 " .

    Now to be fair I hadn't heard of the Seminary so looked at other sources to varify the report .I came across statistics from the CIA world fact book and the Britannica Encyclopaedia backing up these statements .Lots of other sites give a similar story and are easily checkable .

    It seems that Christianity  can say " reports of my death are highly exaggerated ."

                         .. .Jan

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