Will there ever be another campaign like the 2006 one with kn37 ("The End of False Religion Is Near!")?

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  • Magnum

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    Remember the 2006 tract campaign with Kingdom News 37 - The End of False Relgion Is Near!? It seems to me that JWdom has changed to the point that there will not be anymore such campaigns. It seems that the new rebranded JWdom is too soft for such a campaign; it's too feel-good, happy-clappy, and mainstream.

    I just can't imagine a tract campaign like that coming from the new JWdom. What do you think? Are those days over?

  • Simon

    Yeah, I think most campaigns will always focus on promoting their website where they can then push whatever "flavor of the week hippy-like-love-message" they want with no risk of publishers messing it up or getting it wrong or noticing themselves that the beliefs have changed.

    They at least used to have some hard-hitting messages even if they were not based in reality at all.

    I can't see them going back to it. As they get bigger they get more mainstream and the message gets ever softer and almost cookie-cutter Christianity ... well, one where it's been trodden on and they always come out slightly misshaped.

  • nowwhat?
    Yeah, that was the last time I was pumped up about service. Thinking the destruction of Babylon was going to occur within 2 years . My thinking was after receiving the tract people would think, holy c rap, those jw's were right!  you could say  that was another false prophecy
  • Finkelstein

    The WTS created may self supporting doctrines which reaffirmed to their devout followers that yes they are indeed the right and true religion, therefore confirming that JWs are the ones (people) to be saved come Armageddon.  Pointing out supposed faults of other organized religions was always utilized by the WTS to curtail its followers but as well allure people to the their organization.  

    Over the years the WTS created and enforced many of its own false teachings but its not surprising that they just took the position of not having clear light or they are just imperfect men as an excuse to wash themselves clean or take responsibility for their actions..  


  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Wow. That was already 8 years ago. This old system just keeps marching on. I don't think they would do another campaign like that again, but then again the Borg never ceases to surprise me. 
  • millie210
    Is it just me or does it seem like they have laid off the scolding of the Catholic church?
  • Magnum

    millie210, it seems to me like they have. It also sort of seems that they've laid off scolding others, too. They used to be so bold and confident and outspoken in their critique and judgement of other religions, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I think they realize now that there are too many skeletons in the organization's closet and that their doctrines are not as defendable as they once thought they were, so they figured they'd better tone down their condemnation of others. I think they figure that if they speak out against others, doing so will invite closer critical scrutiny of JWdom, and they do not want that; they've got more than they can handle now.

    edit: I just realized that in the OP, I wrote "anymore" when I should have written "any more". Too late to edit the OP.

  • fiddler

    2006?  I remember being all pumped up about the destruction of Babylon the great back in 1974 with the kingdom news tracts that were compared to Joshua's army marching around Jericho before the walls fell down...yeah right.

    And that was what, 40 years ago.  Armegeddon was Soooo imminent back then.  I was barely supposed to graduate high school.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Millie - I agree, the WTS have toned down attacking the catholic church. I don't think they ever really attacked other religions. I've always wondered why.

    The End of False Religion is Near - complete b*ll*cks. While the West allows atheism and freedom from religion, other countries do not and aren't likely to change in the near future.


  • nowwhat?
    could you post a larger picture of the tract  please so i can copy it.

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