The Organization Trains Witnesses To Feel Guilty

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  • minimus

    Donald, just remember---what they taught you is CRAP!

  • greendawn

    Christian(?) JWs who don't even believe that they can have a direct relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit goes round them, that's morbid. Thanks to the few bottles of whisky Rutherford had (and a bit of angelic chanelling let's not forget)before dreaming up this silly dogma.

  • Daytona

    The Governing Body uses the power of guilt to manipulate and control their members.

    They use the power of shunning to keep them in line.

    They use the sheep's love for God as club to beat them with.

    All in all the Governing Body is a cowardly bunch of shitheads who know next to nothing about God and his Son.


  • talesin

    Yes, a constant striving for perfection can only create negativism.

    We are perfectly who we are, just as we are.


  • prophecor

    Guity as Charged!!!

  • prophecor

    The Trial Pink Floyd Good morning, The Worm, Your Honour,
    The Crown will plainly show,
    The prisoner who now stands before you,
    Was caught red-handed showing feelings.
    Showing feelings of an almost human nature.
    This will not do.
    Call the schoolmaster!
    I always said he'd come to no good,
    In the end, Your Honour.
    If they'd let me have my way,
    I could have flayed him into shape.
    But my hands were tied.
    The bleeding hearts and artists,
    Let him get away with murder.
    Let me hammer him today.
    Toys in the attic, I am crazy.
    Truly gone fishing.
    They must have taken my marbles away.
    Toys in the attic, he is crazy.
    You little shit, you're in it now.
    I hope they throw away the key.
    You should've talked to me more often than you did.
    But no! You had to go your own way.
    Have you broken any homes up lately?
    Just five minutes, Worm, Your Honour,
    Him and me alone.
    Come to Mother, baby.
    Let me hold you in my arms.
    M'Lord, I never meant for him to get in any trouble.
    Why'd he ever have to leave me?
    Worm, Your Honour, let me take him home.
    Over the rainbow, I am crazy.
    Bars in the window.
    There must have been a door there in the wall.
    For when I came in.
    Over the rainbow, he is crazy.
    The evidence before the court is incontravertible.
    There's no need for the jury to retire.
    In all my years of judging I have never heard before,
    Of someone more deserving of the full penalty of the law.
    The way you made them suffer,
    Your exquisite wife and mother,
    Fills me with the urge to deficate!
    No, Judge, the jury!
    Since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear,
    I sentence you to be exposed before your peers.
    Tear down the wall!

  • jaffacake

    I'm with Greendawn in this. Their position seems to be that Christianity (a new covenant) is only for a tiny group of people, of which there are only 8,000 alive today, all of whom were (born/baptised) by 1935.

    Those bits of the OT that referred to a future Messiah, and all of the NT, were not written for any of us, but only for the anointed. In other words Christ is no business of ours - he died for 144,000 people. He is not our mediator. The self appointed remnant of the 144,000 is our mediator in that we can benefit only by associating with and obeying these, the only Christians.

    Even many JWs haven't really grasped what their leaders teach. I find that so hard to understand.

  • blondie

    Get a grip WTS.

    Its a FREE GIFT.

    Its UNDESERVED kindness.

    What could you ever DO to EARN these things?

    When was the last time you heard an elder commend someone from the platform or one on one?

    They can't do it; they'd choke on it because no one has reached perfection. If you did commend someone, they think they would stop trying or start coasting.

    The WTS had to finally in writing set it up so the school overseer has to say something good about the student publicly and has to reserve any negative comments to a private moment. They thought by doing this more people would want to be in the school, hahaha.

    The DOs rag on the CO's, the COs rag on the elders, the elders rag on each other and the congregation. A WT coming up tries to show how Jesus didn't rag on the apostles when they screwed up. Is there technique backfiring on them or is this just doublespeak?


  • vitty

    Jaffa cake

    If someone had asked me who was my mediator I would have said Jesus Christ, and i had studied that WT that said he was the mediator only of the 144,000.

    Many, many JW just dont know or maybe care what this really means. Its being obedient to the org not the bible thats really important.

  • greendawn

    The dubs don't care about the nonsense the org gives them to believe but here they really eat some potent spiritual poison since they get shut off from Christ and all that He stands for. They might as well be jews or moslems.

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