Comments You Will Not Hear at the 5-1-05 WT Study (Christ's Slaves?)

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  • MerryMagdalene

    Excellent work again, Blondie. You're fantastic!

    I couldn't help but think as I was reading this bit...

    What moved those Christians to become willing slaves of God? Well, what was the motivating force in the case of the Israelite slave who renounced his personal freedom?

    that maybe part of his motivation had to do not with loving his master so much as loving " wife and my sons..." Is it possible that his wife and sons were not free to go with him? Similar to how so many today stay slaves to the org because their families still are???

    Just curious...

    ~Merry (going back now to read the rest of the article)

  • Shania

    Thank You teacher, only you help me to see and understand these articles the true way. I love the fact of the quotes by thier own literature you are able to catch them in so many ways.......What about that example in parg. 6 with Melisa-----so good the elder told her not to get involved with that man studying.........................I bet today she is a fat old maid doing the lords work.

    Boy if I did that I wouldn't of married my hubby, we were dating 8 mons before he got dipped, not a word said to me he could be an unbeliever.............see how sinacle the elders are, they had that guy judged as a loser------------------and stopped her from liking him------------how do they know he might of persued the religion if he had a nice wife by his side---------------------they are so damn judgemental they ruin people lives. My hubby says "they make up those experiences, don't believe a word of it..........that is how they control the stupied ones and it works." I think he is right on.

  • Shania

    Sorry teacher, I spelled cynical wrong, but here it is the right way. And I wanted to clarify my hubby being dipped----I don't mean in chocolate sauce, though I like that occassionally. Thanks for reading this.

  • minimus

    Shania, why are you calling Blondie "teacher"? I think she would agree that "only one is your teacher", Christ.

  • willyloman
    As slaves of God, we must not become slaves of men.

    However, that's precisely what the average dub has become. Peer pressure is what keeps this group alive. God is not really in the picture at all. Now that we're out from under these misguided men (and I was one of them), we have a much better relationship with God -- if God is defined as that unseen force in the universe that runs through all of us as opposed to some heartless bean counter on a throne represented here on earth by the Watchtower minions.

  • Satanus

    The slavery issue, together w the buying and selling of people shows how outdated the bible and it's concepts are. The bible is so entrenched into the culture, that it takes a long time to change. Although abdication of responsibility which goes w the above issue, is still quite popular.

    What is interesting about the usa in this regard, is that it is one of the countries which promotes self reponsibility the most in financial/social areas. Yet, as a country, it is very promotional of the abdication of responsibility in the area of religion. Perhaps the nature of americans isn't that different after all. Perhaps they are just more split, psychically speaking. I could be wrong about this.


  • frankiespeakin

    Thanks Blondie,, you are doing a great service for your fellow JW still inside the control of the GB,,I'm sure you are helping to free many.

    The Governing Body are some pretty sick dudes mentally if you ask me,,they are desparate to keep the flock enslaved to them,,that's why they authorize this stuff to be printed in the WT.

    This is a clear example of indoctrination to keep the rank and file feeling like they are supposed to be slaves to the WT and sell more books without complaining. These guys on the GB are real sickos and they are trying thier hardest to keep the JW under thier control. I wounder how Phil Brumley the top JW lawyer is feeling about this blatant manipulation,,he must be having a hard time swallowing this swill. I betcha he turns on the GB.

  • hamsterbait

    Why are only women used as examples in this study Blondie asks.

    The reason is because JW males think like Old Testament Jews.

    In the Israeli army it is often the case that when doing national service, the young men have a strong female drill sargeant who can go the whole course and more. It is well known that most men in that situation will not say "I can't go on" when he sees a woman still up and running.

    Remember the prayer (Jewish male): "Oh Lord, I thank thee that I was not born a woman."

    (Jewish female): "Oh Lord, I thank thee that I was born as thou hast willed"

    Like ancient Israel, male dominated societies tend to despise women or at best view them as weak and inferior. Oh yes I heard it said at assemblies that the role of women in the congregation and family is an exalted one. But if that were true, the men would have grabbed the role for themselves long ago.

    The intention is to sting the smug, apathetic JW, female-dominating males into doing what the article is manipulating them into doing.

    "If mere women and weaker vessels are doing all this at our command, why aren't YOU? You want a female to best you?? Huh? You some kind of 'P***y Boy?"


  • greendawn

    I also note how the whole article has a a very poisonous mood that's calculated to drag down the self esteem and spirits of the reader revolving around the grim subject of slavery instead of choosing a subject with a much more cheerful and optimistic outlook eg centring around how much God wants humans to be his children, not his slaves for heaven's sake.

    In typical WTS fashion they focus mainly on the outdated OT while trying to put on it a cheap NT veneer. The whole NT approach is that through Christ humans receive a divine sonship so they can have the freedom of sons in the household of the Father.

    The overall direction of this article betrays it as one originating from a spirit poisoning cult it has a Godly appearence but is in fact satanic in its deeper nature, foul crap dusted with icing sugar.

    BTW does anyone know who could be writing these subtly manipulative articles?

  • xjwms


    I so look forward to the fantastic way your comments fill in the blanks.

    WELLDONE ... I need the info for Sunday ... just in case someone wants to mess with me.

    Take Good Care and Thanks XJWMS

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