Do You Think Pink?

by prophecor 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • tijkmo

    i have a pink shirt pink tie pink t-shirt pink/black t shirt all pink floyds lps since medal im going to see the australian pink floyd next week and i look pretty in pink

  • loosie

    Pink Rocks!!!!

  • tetrapod.sapien

    i have a pink polo. very preppy. i love it.

  • Gordy

    I used to wear a nice pink shirt and matching tie, occasionally, when giving talks at the Kingdom Hall. Even wore it when I gave my first Public Talk. No one said a word about it, except how good I looked in it. The shirts I wore to the Kingdom Hall or any meeting, assembly, convention, were either blue, pink, pale yellow, grey, deep red, NEVER EVER white. I hate white shirts!! That was from the age of 20 to 48, 1971 to 1999.

    In all those years not one person Elder or otherwise ever told me off about wearing a coloured shirt or that I should wear white ones. .

  • prophecor

    Boy, or Girl,... which ever you prefer...some of you people are pretty particular to Pink, I'm punked up and pinked out by so many of your responses. I think I might catch a bout of Pink Eye if I'm not careful. Oh, and yes, I am particular to Pink Floyd, I even like the 60 Mercury Montclaire in the primordial primitive pastel of pink, thanks Avashi for sharing such stunning automotive imagery. I especially have a particular penchant for Pink Lemonade. I once, too, owned a Pink Cardigan. It was passed over to me by a peculiar psychiatrist, while under her care.

    I hope I doth not protest too much, but I seem to always be explaining myself to my wife as to why I have a particular penchant for pink. She feels I'm way beyond being merely ecentric, and thinks I may be a little left of center, instead. I try to console her deepest fears, as it's nothing more than being in touch with my X & Y Factor!

    Do you enjoy having all of your chormosones?

  • Es

    I love pink I wear it everyday...still trying to get my fiance to wear a pink shirt but may succeed at our wedding the theme is you guessed it PINK es

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