Did you know of any JWs fighting in the Kingdom Hall or arguing in the KH?

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  • diamondblue1974

    I mentioned it in another thread about bullies....and well I floored an elders son who had bullied me for a year...he didnt do it again funnily enough.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    about 1970 when my dad first became a jw. the whole family would go to the hall. sometimes. one sunday my mom went with dad and my little brother and sister about 8yrs old and me. i was sitting in the back with mom (we never became jw's). after the meeting we heard my little bro crying. so mom went over to find out what happened. some sister claimed that my brother was picking on her little angel jw son at school. and my dad smacked him in the face for picking on the kid. when mom asked what happened the jw zombie said some crap about my brother , and dad gave him another smack in the face. mom said your fucking kid is a dope and always in the principals office. then mom punched her right in the face. POW !!!!!!! then mom said say another word and i'll kick your ass all over the floor... well that wt zombie. opened her mouth . and my mom started punching her , pushed her to the floor and started pulling her hair out. dad pulled mom off of her. mom had a hand full of hair when it was over. then told her if you ever talk about my son again . i'll kick your ass out in the street were no one can stop it. dad went home alone. we took the bus to white castles and had hamburgers. mom ended up with a ripped blouse and a few scraches. the jw looked like she got hit by a car. p.s. the funny thing is mom just reminded me of this spritual bout. about a few weeks ago , at a family party. while she was calling all the jw's motherf*ckers. this happened at the north east bronx cong. gunhill road about 35 yrs ago

  • iiz2cool

    Damn, all my congregations were boring. If there were some fights then maybe the meetings would have been worth going to. All but one of the elders I knew were bloody cowards. The only one who was a man is no longer a JW, and he posts on this board.

    I had arguments with elders several times in front of the congregation. They'd inevitably end up shouting at me while I'd remain calm. A couple of times I invited them to come outside with me so I could help them learn their place, but they weren't biting.


  • lawrence

    Was at a KH build in Western Mass. 2 elders began to disagree on the way the roof was being shingled, and the next thng Herb goes at Antonio full blast, knocks the little "brother" to the ground and begins to smash him in the head with a elbow and a few punches. I jumped off the roof and played peacemaker and got hit by both of them as I tried to stop the fight. The other brothers and sisters (heplers to the Nethinim) all stood by having personal opinions on who should get the best of the fight.

  • Oroborus21

    Millions of adherents over a hundred years. what is a few fights? Jws are human after all.

    none of these stories compare to the "Affair at Madison Square Garden" where some attendants took some canes to a bunch of rowdy disruptors at a convention.


  • Quentin

    Never saw any fights. Did observe some heated disscusions along the way.

    I, on the other hand, became enragded at a congergation overseer one night and left the meeting. On the way through the parking lot I stopped and kicked the ***t out of his car. No one ever questioned me about it. This guy was not the brightist bulb in the box. I don't think it occured to him to put 2and 2 togather, went beyond his range of intelect.

  • Es

    I must have went to a boring congo :( es

  • 4JWY

    I knew a young brother that was murdered in the parking lot as he sat in his truck before the Sunday meeting and it was another brother twice his age, that shot him.

  • steve2

    I can take the big JW people fighting each other, aggressivley or passive-aggresively (good point, Blondie!), but the violence I never ever got used to was the parade of big angry parents regularly thumping shit out of their "naughty" little children who could not sit still for 2 or more hours. As noisy and demonstrative as it was, that adult-to-child violence was strangely "invisible" and, whilst happening on a fairly routine basis, was largely ignored - unless the kid's crying started to irritate the glazed-eyed elders.

  • buffalosrfree

    While attending one congregation I heard one elder call another a s.o.b. and he was right. the bro was a sob and caused a lot of problems in the congregation. he I believe was directly responsible for the continuing decline in the number of adherents who attended. Well maybe he wasnt so bad after all he did cause the attendence to go down. Buff

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