Child Molestation Story....WARNING....Not For The Faint of Heart

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  • Gill

    I've been trouble with this story since reading it yesterday.

    What I find particularly strange is this, if someone commits a murder, even someone seriously disturbed and mentally ill, they will not take pictures and post them on the net for others to see and also, a violent offender, a violent bank robber, shop get the picture, whatever crime.

    Yet what is with this need, apart from pornographers who are into this crime to make money, but the others, what's with the need to let the world see them offending? What are they trying to say about themselves?

    As for tracking them down on the net, there are geniuses out there who could track the majority down.

    Listening to the radio the other day, a man rang into a talk show on internet paedophilia, he was a computer geek. He had been surfing and was offered images of a child being molested at a certain time of the day and the address and payment details etc.

    He rang scotland yard, but they didn't know what to do. He rang the US and the FBI and within a few minutes they were taking all the details from him.

    Later that evening, they rang him back thanking him. They had tracked down the child, rescued him and arrested several men. It is possible. All it takes is know how and more money put in by governments to catch these people.

    My older kids are computer fanatics. they have a friend, who is probably the kind of person the police look for when they want help hunting down these people. Every bit of software on his computer is 'illegally copied' and he taught them to fight back using 'certain soft ware' if their computer is under attack from another hacker. Clever dude and he's still studying and learning more. He can track down any signal sent by anyone. These clever people, naughty in one way, but used correctly are invaluable to society and the stopping of internet crime. Ane are they being used enough....not yet. I hope things will change.

  • purplesofa

    I really can't believe how sick people are. and cruel. raping babies, watching children grow up on the internet while being molested and abused and the pics are like tropheys.

    There are so many Amber alerts these days. I know some kids are found. So many stories never make national news. As in my state, we have many abducted children that is only seen locally on TV. It does not take long to get someone out of the state.

    Hopefully there will be more attention to investigating these crimes. It does seem that the public can be a bigger help in recognizing the victims in locating them. And letting the authorities know.

    No one in their right mind can stand for a child to be abused.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    Finding out who the children are must be difficult. Gillespie said that he cannot show the face of the children to the public, due to privacy issues. As a parent, I can say fu** the privacy,

    The article brings up an excellent point regarding the safety of the child if her face is shown. If they can't locate her immediately and rescue her it would only take a few minutes for someone to kill her.

    As for why they take the pictures --- my guess would be that since sexual assault is about power these perps would need to brag about their conquests. Plus they may get another charge by thinking of other people sharing in their conquests - truly sick minds

  • Aztec

    I read about this and another case where someone showed pictures (or it may have been video) of themselves raping a young child on a Yahoo chatroom. Thanks to Tatiana for posting the story elsewhere! I am boycotting Yahoo as the reason they are not doing anything about these stories is because of economic gain. I won't use their chat, im, search or news service ever again.

    Here's the story:


  • purplesofa

    They are on CNN right now about this Gillespie guy and the others in Toronto.

    very interesting

    talking about the 12 yr old girl and show pic.......

    will be on a 10:00 tonight on CNN full interview

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Although this might not actually help in this case, there *is* a way you can help! It's sort of a vigilante group, but their tracking and trapping has resulted in one pedophile bust per month for the last 10 months or so. They are very persistent in their tracking...

    This is not a counseling service for pedophiles, it's a way to publically humiliate them and force them to get help (which I don't think many of them can change). I can understand some people's hesitation in participation in groups like this, but there's more pedos out there than the cops can track themselves, so they kinda "help" them.


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