Frightening experiences

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  • G Money
    G Money

    I'd say its a tie.

    6 black guys surrounding me and wanting to rob me in Havana and no cop on the street corner. I escaped with my money.

    Also scuba diving in a hurricane and barely making it back. Kicking underwater and being swept backwards very fast and having to claw in the sand at the bottom to make progress.

  • whyamihere

    My grandmother was Mugged in her front yard twice! Total 6 dollars!

    It's kind of funny if you think about it. She laughs about it today. Because it was not a really bad neighborhood and those 2 days she happened to have no money on her.


  • greendawn

    And I thought in Cuba there was good law and order under Castro.

  • LongHairGal

    Here are some frightening experiences that I can remember offhand in my life:

    A couple of experiences in my house that scared the pants off me (no details); almost drowned once; almost got killed on an amusement park ride; a couple of minor car accidents; a couple of almost-rape experiences; a mugging (no injury). I don't know how I survived my childhood. I don't want to remember anything else!!

  • Rod P
    Rod P

    It was scary when I left the JW's. My wife's parents came to pick up their daughter and take her away to their home. That left me alone in the house. When everyone left, I sat there on the living room couch, thinking about what was happening. Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen. (I was thinking about being at the mercy of Satan for having left the JW's. Now the demons are going to take over.) I got up to examine the kitchen. Nothing! Went back and sat down. After a bit, same strange noise. Now I was really gettin' scared. I tiptoed to the kitchen. Nothing! "Oh my God! What have I done?" (I had just joined the Mormon Church). After another short while, another noise in the kitchen. I went to check it out. I stood there in the kitchen with no sound or movement, and I waited. Suddenly, this little mouse came out of nowhere and ran across the floor. He was more scared than I was.

    I vowed that never again would I fall for that one. And I never did! Devil be gone.

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