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  • sugarbritches

    Question-- if a JW is disfellowshipped for having too much association with a non-witness- is this JW likely to be refused a reinstatement as long as he is associating with her-- and if so- will he be allowed to talk to her again to some degree after he is reinstated?

  • love11

    If he is still doing the act that got him disfellowshipped in the first place (talking to her) then no he would not be allowed back in. If he wanted to continue to see her he would have to do it in private without other jw's knowing about it.

  • undercover

    To be reinstated one must cut association with the one(s) that helped lead that one into trouble to begin with.

    For instance...if a JW went out with a coworker and they ended up having sex and the JW got caught or admitted it, that JW would have to show the elders that he/she has cut out all association with the other person that was involved in the affair.

    Sometimes it's not just one person, but groups of people. If a JW joined some outside group and he/she ended up in trouble later because of associating with that group, then the JW would be expected to cut all ties with that group before being reinstated.

  • anasazi

    A person isn't disfellowshipped for too much association with a non-witness.

  • FairMind
    A person isn't disfellowshipped for too much association with a non-witness.

    That was my thought. Won't happen unless the non-witness is an ex-witnesses.

  • jeanniebeanz
    too much association with a non-witness

    Well, I'd have to say, what is your definition of too much association?

  • greendawn

    I also don't think someone can get booted out for any amount of social intercourse with non JWs who never were JWs.

  • sugarbritches

    Maybe they aren's SUPPOSED to be disfellowshipped for too much association with a non-witness but it happened. i am the one he isn't allowed to talk to.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Sounds to me like he got railroaded by them assuming that you two had sex. Others here are correct though, he didn't get df'd for associating with you in a social way. Did they have a JC?


  • Lehaa

    define too much association.

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