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  • blondie

    I have to admit that leaving multiple magazines at one home is new to me.  I'm sure someone in my area would call and complain.  I wonder if your neighbors got such an assortment?


    *** km 8/11 p. 7 “Offer an Older Magazine or Any Brochure That Addresses the Person’s Interest” ***

    Brochures and older magazines consider a variety of timely subjects. Something in one of those publications may touch the heart of the householder. Therefore, when packing your witnessing case, include several different brochures and older issues. If you do not have older magazines, perhaps you can obtain some from the magazine counter. Then, if the householder already has the Bible Teach book and does not agree to a Bible study, you can show him some of the magazines or brochures that you have and invite him to take what interests him. Thereafter, make arrangements to return to cultivate his interest. Perhaps a Bible study will eventually result.

  • sowhatnow

    where i  live it was common practice to leave older magazines in the doors of not at homes.

    but its also humorous to me now [though at the time i was annoyed] that one day when i was home i opened my door to let the dog out and there was a memorial invite in my screen door.

    [lets review.  I was home, I've lived there for 5 years, gone to that congregation for 5 yrs, and no one knocked or rang the door bell.] 

    no one knew i lived there because this area people  at the kingdom halls are not friendly at all,

    they dont knock if they can help it. when doing tract work, it takes too much time.

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