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  • Awake at last
    Awake at last

    This morning we opened our front door to find 5 magazines, 4 Awakes and 1 Watchtower left there.  Someone must have been counselled about not placing enough literature.  We never heard them knock and we are not that deaf, at least we didn't think so.  I wonder how much time they counted sitting  at our bistro table writing up their notes.

    Mr Awake at last commented about how thin they were too.  He is learning TTATT now too.

    i haven't really got time to read the mags as keeping up with takes up all my reading time these days plus the Late Ray Franz books occupy much of my time too.  I have also just finished reading two of Brock Talons books. So as you can see, I keep myself busy these days.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    You have a P.M.
  • blondie

    They could have just shredded them and still counted them.  I can remember when the BOE wanted to show the CO that all the territories had been worked.  They sent out the rank and file and said not to knock just put an older magazine in the door....then all the territories were "worked."  Maybe they left one for every person in the house

  • kairos

    When I used to do "early morning" we would find what I used to refer to as a "bound volume" in the self serve laundrymattes. A very tall stack of magazines left in a nice little pile. 10-20 mags.

    I would take them all with me and just leave a few. The ones I took would get placed again later that morning and recorded as my placements. Hmmmm

    Also, If we entered a laundry room and no mags were on the table, they were usually in the nearest trash can covered in lint and detergent. Again: recover, place and count.

    The magazine placement tally, like everything else they boast about is false ans inaccurate.

  • NVR2L8
    I knew a sister who left magazines in the shopping mall washrooms. The caretakers called the hall to have this stopped because people were flushing the mags down the toilets, causing blockages and over spills...
  • Awake at last
    Awake at last
    Blondie, your explanation sounds plausible.  Actually most things are possible, but 5 magazines at our door, now that is someone who wants to count placements and time and they will probably come back with more mags and count a return visit as well.
  • MissFit

    Awake: at least you didnt have to talk to them. Were they the same magazines or different months. Maybe someone wanted to catch you up.

  • steve2

    NVR2L8, on the timely topic of toilet bowls, it is an incontrovertible fact that it now takes more Watchtowers and Awakes to block toilets since the magazines have become streamlined and shorter.

    Offputtingly, this is the other end of 'meat in due season', causing me to wonder if the current breed of JWs are spiritually anorexic? 

  • Awake at last
    Awake at last
    Misfit, they were different mags.  Who would want to catch us up?  They barely speak to me at the shops, shunning I think they call it.  If we were DF'd we wouldn't even notice.
  • stillin

    I live in an area that has "seldom worked territory" in it and once a year a group will show from some large-city area to cover u worked territories. One group had already packaged Iplok bags with 10 magazines in eac. They would leave those at not-at-homes. At he end of the week the group leader would give us stupid locals the accounting of placements, return visits etc. 

    it's about bragging rights. Imagine how the story gets told when they get back to their home congregations! 

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