So how long has everyone been out?

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  • silentWatcher

    hey, we're the same age. started fading in fall 98. completely stopped going summer of 99. good times. expecially since I was finishing my Bachelor's in Computer Science.

    actually, h20, freeminds (randy), and kent's site really opened my eyes. It was like I had my own personal Matrix experience.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    May 20th will be 20 years out!!!

  • Dismembered

    Welcome Tyler,

    Started studyin' bout '73. Inactive since about 2000


    "Don't you go dyin' on me now"

  • Purza

    My last meeting was in October 2001. I went to the Memorial in 2003 and that was the last time I set foot in a KH.


  • outnfree

    DA'd myself in March 2001. So, WOW!!! FOUR years already! And it's great out here!


  • bikerchic

    I've been out for 5 years.

    Was in for 45 and hope to break even in my lifetime!

  • Lehaa

    been fading out for years.

    Now df'ed for nearly 12 months.

    Feeling great.

  • zugzwang

    The second to last meeting I went to was a District Convention back on July 5th, 2003. I had been having doubts for quite some time but on that day while sitting there listening to the dribble coming from the stage I realized that I could not listen to this anymore. More importantly, I couldn't preach this stuff to other people anymore. So I left that day. I went to the Memorial last year (2004) but only because my mom begged me to go. I didn't go this year though. I haven't officially DA'd myself yet. I plan to do so on the 10,913th day of my life. Why that day? Check out the Jim Carrey movie, "The Truman Show." That is what my avatar is from as well. Truman Burbank, the star of "The Truman Show" finally leaves the false reality he lives in on the 10,913th day of his life. Today is day # 10,702 if my calculations are correct. So I will be officially DAing myself in 211 days. That will be November 22, 2005. This gives me plenty of time to finish my disassociation letter (it is already 40 or so pages long). And it gives me time to continue trying to reach the one's I love. It sounds kind of silly but I've always been one to set goals (must be my JW upbringing). So I have a goal set for November 22nd. Thanks WTS for helping me learn to set goals.


  • tyler m
    tyler m


    I think DA'ing is the way to go. Most of my ex jw friends strongly object to the concept but if I had to do it over again I would DA. I should have left a DA letter on my bed when I left home. That way no stalking elders and I would have only have to put up with my parents for a little while. It would be known that I rejected that cult and not the other way around. Anyway good luck with your DA.

  • Undecided

    Gary, we left the same year 1974, I was 8 years older than you though. I didn't care what was truth, I was just wore out with all the responsibilities I had as a JW. It took me several years to finally get over the GB's BS, but like you, the reading of CofC cleared my mind.

    Ken P.

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