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  • loosie

    Does anyone have some good excuses for getting out of giving talks in the theocratic ministry school?

  • Euphemism

    Well it depends on your TMSO, and your background in the congregation, but generally you can just say that you get anxiety attacks every time you have to go up there, or something of that sort. Of course, if you're known as a major extrovert/firebrand in the past, then that probably won't work.

    Or you can just be sick or have to work late every time you have a talk. Depending on the Overseer, he may stop assigning you talks after that happens a few times, since the Overseers generally hate finding last-minute substitutes. (But again, that does depend on the individual.)

  • blondie

    Just keep not showing up. My experience is that the TMSO will stop scheduling you. If you are approached, just say that something came up, or you were ill, or a child was ill (if appropriate).


  • sandy

    In my old hall the elder would stopr schedualing you for talks if you cancelled two assignments back to back.

    I was so relieved when I found this out. :)

    I guess he thought it was really a privilege.

  • loosie

    See that is the funny thing I am outgoing around a small group of people. Last time I was on "stage" I was reading and my voice stated to tremble I couldn't stop it. I coudl feel everyone starting at me instead of just reading along in their bibles. I was almost at the point of tears but I can't explain why. I haven't been up there ever since. But that was years ago. The thought of going up there again terrifies me. But I better have a good reason why if I was ever asked again.

  • sandy

    loosie my sister had a similar experience. When she first joined the tms she was about 23, 14 years ago.

    She went up for her first assignment as a householder and she laughed through the entire 5 minute talk.

    This was in the 2nd school (back room). After that she asked to taken off the list. She has never signed up again.

    And now she is pioneer, maybe an auxillary pioneer I am not sure. But she still is not in the school.

    She made it clear to them that she just cannot handle the tms.

  • 4JWY

    I just told them "I quit" and never gave any reason.

  • Euphemism

    I think a significant portion of the Witnesses aren't on the TMS. I remember in my old congregation in NY, a good 20-25% percent of the publishers weren't. When I moved here to Boise, I didn't get the figures, but I know that the CO was hitting pretty hard that more people should be in the TMS.

  • Shania

    My hubby was the TMS overseer, so that meant I was often asked to give fill in talks........I hated it,but I couldn't say no to my hubby, it was hard enough to get volunteers. Well anyway, this fat elders wife came up to me out in service and told me she needed me to do her talk because she was getting a permanate that day and wasn't sure how her hair would look that night........................................HOW LAME.....................I SAID NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and another sister said she couldn't do her talk because she was to fat to get up on the stage...................these are excuses as lame as they are, it is what worked for them................

  • jeanniebeanz

    Accept a part, walk up to the stage and take your seat for your part, swoon and faint dead away on the floor. Come around when the speaker comes to your aid.

    Aplogize profusely and go to the bathroom to 'rest' for 5 minutes. Then, excuse yourself from the hall and when you are scheduled for another talk, break down in tears and say that your therapist has told you to your stress levels are so high that you are not to engage in such activity until your medication starts to work.

    Although many people throw up when they faint, you may wish to not do so if you feel your acting abilities are not quite that good, or if that exceeds your own 'ickyness' comfort level. You will also want to wear very modest undergarments for the occasion in case your dress flips up over your melon when you fall off the chair.

    A side benefit of this tactic is that it should buy you a full six month excuse from meeting attendance without getting the third degree from nosey elders and elderettes...


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