The Pain & Devastation of Learning the Truth about "the Truth"

by MerryMagdalene 25 Replies latest jw experiences

  • talesin

    Thank you, Skyman. It's how I have felt since coming to JWD. Just waves and waves of it, sometimes abating for awhile ... then I will read someone's story, and the white caps start showing again ...

    Welcome. ;)


    * tks for the thread, Merry

  • DannyHaszard

    My Family lost to a doomsday cult. No other major religion breaks up and willfully wrecks loving familys on the scale and severity of the Jehovah's Witnesses.Destructive religious cults are harmful to any society.I speaks as a former member of the Jehovah's Witnesses cult.I watched the greedy Watchtower corporation destroy 4 generations of my family.

    The anguish and the agony of having to renounce the life-long convictions of my heart.The surreal horror to learn that it was all a LIE. Listen up! For 33 years I went door to door with a Bible in my hand and Watchtower literature WalkingOn the doorstep threshold of of my neighbors and of perfect strangers.....CONVINCED that unless I recruited you,that you and your family members were going to die! Only to learn after the vital youth prime of my life has expired...that this was all a LIE! Not only that,,,but the promise that if i did all this recruiting work,I would be rewarded with eternal youth right here in Bangor Maine. Well,that's all a lie too! Sooo,what do I do now? Don't tell me to get a f**king life and just forget about it! Real people,real sorrow,real watchtower family wrecking! Hey! I coulda had a V-8 I coulda had a LIFE.I squandered my youth and my life propagating lies for a destructive cult.

  • MerryMagdalene

    bttt for those who may have missed it

  • tijkmo

    hey merry..i had missed this first time round too so thanks for bttt-ing it...i agree with others here that said it was like themselves talking...cos it was me..the need to prove i hadnt been misled ..the search for just 1 thing...the comparison of fanatical members of other religions..been there done that

    and your comment on how forums like this are providing support for the weak and the true

  • MerryMagdalene

    Thanks for your responses.

    I'm so glad we can be here for each other...but sorry that we have to be.

    The more stories like these I hear, the more I feel moved to do something...but what?

    I'm wondering if a Hotline would be a possibility...especially when I hear of those whose pain and devastation (whether from what they learn or how the are treated) leads to terrible isolation and thoughts of suicide...


  • codeblue

    Excellent thoughts....and welcome Skyman

    I can feel the emotional pain very strongly...You have written exactly the way I have been feeling for about 2 years...


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