Sitting in the dinning area at the assembly a no no?

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  • Eric

    Auwwgh! Those annoyingly arrogant attendants, some of them acted like they had been deputized by Jehovah himself. As if everyone didn't know that after food prep volunteering went away, attendant patrol was THE best way to avoid excessive ass-time.

    It was primarily because of them that I discovered that the best seats at any assembly were: (with the dainty hand of a comely lass in tow) On a local bus, a corner table in a pizza/spaghetti joint, then a park bench or just the grass under a shady tree, back on the bus with the excitement of timing a last minute arrival into the exiting throng, milling about to meet back up with the parents.

    It got even better after I was old enough to get my drivers license.


  • donald

    back in the 60"s and early 70's ....before the time of assembly halls...the dinning room was always open for...workers and there families ti sit and listen to the program...but after the assembly halls came and we lost the food all changed thing..they want you in your seat paying strict attion...but we found that hard to do with 3 small children at the time...donald

  • Dismembered

    At our assembly hall they have sections of seats roped off so you have to sit up, or next to the front so you don't miss out on your spiritual sloppy-joe.(One of the CO's screwball ideas) But if you have rambunctious kids, they do allow you to sit in the "bring your own food your on your own" dinning area. It's also the place to go, if you are one who finds it difficult to sleep in your chair. At least there they have tables so you can put your head down and fall into deep narcosis



  • anasazi

    So what of it? Why is that a problem?

  • love2Bworldly

    Hi bronzefist--you people are bringing back memories. I had forgotten how the assemblies were run. I looked forward to assemblies so I could see old friends, but those stupid attendants did everything they could to make it a serious place and no fun at all. I can't believe all the rules they make up.

    Instead of a handicapped section or a sign-language interprete section, they ought to have a roped off section for disfellowshipped ones or better idea--have them wear special purple nametags so everyone knows who to shun! LOL

  • iiz2cool

    No matter where you sit in the ASSembly hall you're still exposed to the mind numbing cult propaganda. You can't even go to the restroom to have a crap or masturbate in peace because they've put speakers in there.


  • undercover

    I remember my brother sat in the dining room at the assembly hall instead of in the auditorium because his two year old wouldn't sit still. He said one attendant said something to him one time but he ignored him. Most of the time the attendants just watched and reminded people to not talk or let their kids run around.

    I remember at district conventions at city arenas walking around the concourse during the talks and having attendants wave that "Please Find Your Seat" sign at me. Back when I was into it all, I felt guilty just going to the bathroom. The last convention I went to, I spent more time in the concourse than I did in my seat. A couple of times young attendants with those stupid signs started to wander my way with them but a good glare sent them headed into other directions, usually to harass some kids who were wandering around.

  • blondie

    I have to admit that in this area, those Please Take Your Seats signs had not been used for a long time. Maybe in the larger areas on the coasts, it may be different. Only 5,000 people went to the DCs I attended.

  • Dismembered
    You can't even go to the restroom to have a crap or masturbate in peace because they've put speakers in there.

    Walter you are to much


    "Don't you go dyin' on me now"

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