hello world (deconversion story)

by tetrapod.sapien 18 Replies latest jw experiences

  • tetrapod.sapien

    thx, jgnat, that's nice of you, but you cut off the end of the post. i was able to edit it anyways. it must have been firefox related, because when i opened the forum in IE, presto, editing available!

    thanks everyone for your kind welcome!


  • DanTheMan

    Well written and interesting deconversion story, welcome to the board!

  • alw

    Welcome and here's to the rest of your life - enjoy your weekend!!! alw

  • Satanus
    Isn't it a clean, and refreshing feeling to be totally honest about your core beliefs?

    Sure is. Congratulations on the clean break. Thanks for writing that, and welcome to the board.


    Ps, cool name

  • BluesBrother

    Welcome tetrapod

    You write very well, I enjoyed your story, and like your avatar. keep posting

  • Carmel

    Welcome 4ft. Your investigation into the evolution pamphlet is similar to my experiance. After leaving the borg I majored in zoology more to understand the real story than anything else. Sure enough, though we are unlikely the result of billions of happy accidents, we certainly did evolve along with the rest of life. Looking forward to your fellowship.


  • TheListener

    Welcome to the board Tetrapod. I give you much credit for taking your stand so firmly. It's not easy to lose one's friends and family in one fell swoop. I hope you enjoy our board and I look forward to your comments.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    thanks everyone! you guys are great! (this board is great). i am really looking forward to reading and posting on this board. cheerio!

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Hello Tetra:

    Totally enjoyed reading your entry post. I am sorry to hear of your DF'ing, only because that can be an emotionally devastating thing for anyone, but am glad that you have taken such an active part in finding out what makes you feel comfortable in reference to religion. I am one of those ones that have gone back to religion, but I am not a fundie insofar as it concerns other people. I firmly believe that each of us has the obligation to live our lives in accordance with the general Golden Rule, and that if we do that, then we'll be alright. I also believe that each person should be true to his/her own beliefs and be a REAL person, and that is what makes our bodies and minds healthy. Hey, as long as it doesn't hurt another person, it's good.

    Welcome to the board and I hope your stay is as productive, enlightening, and refreshing as mine has been.


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