At the Door

by AuntieJane 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • zaphod

    dear auntie jane

    print out the letter from the un explaining that the wts was an ngo and agreed to promote the un from 1991 until 2001.

    also print out the two guardian newspaper articles about their involvement, the first that exposed this and the second, a day later that reported the wts, coincidentily, resigning from the un.

    thus prepared you can invite any and all publishers into your home. sit them down with a cup of tea and casually make them aware of the hypocrisy of their governing body and how they are being misled.

    if the message only gets through to one of them, you will have done a good thing.


  • AuntieJane

    Thanks for all the help and ideas. I firmly believe in planting SEEDS of DOUBT whenever possible, as Mulan said...the info did stay in her mind. I think it would be really cool if more of us could print out some things and have them waiting...rehearse a few words to say, in Christian kindness (of course)..not attacking. I must confess I always was one to hide inside and not answer the door but I will welcome the opportunity to De-Witness !

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