Alcoholism - a disease or a choice?

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  • ballistic

    Crumpets gone to Scotland. I guess to have a drink. LOL.

  • Crumpet

    Back from Scotland now - and yes I could probably answer yes to all of those questions for one ocassion or another. However some of them definitely wouldn't be yes now.

    I am sure I must have had a day off work for a hangover in the past but definitely not in the last 4 years or so. Yes I have had blackouts, ie gone to sleep on the bathroom floor at a friends for ten minutes because the tiled floor looked so comfy. And so on, but most of them are in the past not in the present. I have increased in confidence an awful lot of late and do not have to have a drink or drinks before I get to a party. I can in fact go to a party have a brilliant time and not drink at all, although thats not my preference - but that is what I did on New Year this year.

    It is perhaps wrong to compare - but I do drink a fraction of what any of my friends do in a week, the majority of whom can afford to socialise every night and get wasted on most of those nights.

    I think moderation is the key. Someone mentioned health related problems - well I haven't had any health related issues to my drinking. Not to say there will never be, but perhaps quality rather than quantity is another key to enjoying a drink and remaining healthy!

    Thanks again - and thanks for the quiz Sirona.

  • Lehaa

    For me it's a bit of both.

    I've had a battle with alcohol for a long time.

    I have a genetic predisposition to it but that is in no way an excuse.

    Sometimes I give in and choose to drink, other times I seem to have no control over it.

    For a long time I was out of control, I drank every day, without fail.

    I came to a point where I just had to stop myself. So now I don't keep alcohol in the house, and rarely buy it.

    It takes a lot of self control but I don't want my kids to grow up remembering there mum as a drunk. I wan't my kids to have good memories of there child hood, not bad.

  • Crumpet

    Good for you Lehaa and well done. If your drinking in anyway diminshes your kids respect for you then its best to leave it alone for most of the time.

    crumpet x

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