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    Many Disillusioned Jehovah's Witnesses Question the Watch Tower Society's
    Affiliation With the United Nations' Associated NGOs and DPIs

    An active Jehovah's Witness, known on Internet as 'Zev', recently discovered from other posters that the Watch Tower Society was in alliance with the United Nations by their listing among its NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and DPIs (Department of Public Information) since 1992. To be accepted by the UN as an NGO, an organization must make a formal application and agree to support the UN's worldwide peace and humanitarian objectives. After being accepted as an NGO, an organization may make further application if they wish to also be listed as a DPI, and must provide documented proof that they subscribe to, support, aggressively advertise and promote UN objectives. (It might be likened to pledging allegiance to one's country.) Periodic renewal is required to maintain status. To do so gains certain benefits for an organization, such as air travel for missionaries on UN flights.

    Many religious organizations conscientiously participate as members of the United Nations' NGOs, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, the issue about the Watch Tower organization doing so arises because their leadership has consistently characterized the United Nations as the prophetic "disgusting thing", the "image of the beast" whose number of its name is 666 (Rev.13:11-18), with whom alliance must be avoided at all cost to have Jehovah's approval. See for example the Watch Tower publication "Revelation--Its Grand Climax at Hand" (1988), pg 195, para.31; also pg 204-205, paras. 13-14. Also note the illustration on the right from the book "Babylon the Great Has Fallen" (1966), page 577, where the United Nations is depicted behind the harlot of Revelation riding the back of the prophetic "wild beast with seven heads and ten horns". That year, Jehovah's Witnesses unanimously adopted a resolution at their 1966 district assemblies around the world, vowing to remain completely separate from the Devil's world, its religions and governments, including the United Nations. The question then arises, how can the Watchtower represent itself to the UN, with proof that it is an advertiser and supporter of UN objectives when, in fact, their literature aggressively opposes the UN and its objectives?

    Considering the Watchtower's alliance with the very organization it has blatantly condemned from its inception, and even more so all other religions for endorsing it, it appears the Watch Tower leadership had to intentionally misrepresent itself with so-called documented 'proofs' (four required) of their activities that aggressively promote the mission and objectives of the United Nations' charter. Little wonder then that numerous Jehovah's Witnesses have expressed shock, especially since a Witness can be disfellowshipped, shunned, and doomed for something as benign as work in their employment on a non-JW church.

    Both current and former members of Jehovah's Witnesses called or wrote the UN to inquire whether this was all true, and whether they were aware of the Watchtower religion's subversive teaching about the United Nations. A representative of the UN informed callers that an investigation into the matter would be initiated. To avert the inevitable, the Watch Tower organization promptly sent a fax to the UN requesting resignation and withdrawal from the list of NGOs and DPIs. The UN acknowledged their resignation in a memo dated October 9, 2001. Many Jehovah's Witnesses remain quite disturbed by the obvious hypocracy of this episode. 'Zev' was so disillusioned by it that he developed a website compiling the documented proof of the Watchtower's involvement with the United Nations.

    It would be interesting to see what "proofs" the Watchtower organization provided to the UN in its applications to gain and maintain status as NGO and DPI since 1992, but since they voluntarily resigned without an investigation, the UN has respectfully withheld that information.

    Click here to see Zev's detailed expose of the Watchtower-UN NGO/DPI 'affair'.

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    Okay, ZEV'S "geocities...plowbitch" above, in blue, is a dead link now.

    Found this too:

    From: Zev

    To: Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York
    25 Columbia Heights
    Brooklyn, NY 11201-2483

    Dear Brothers,
    I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses associated with the XXXX XXXX XXXX XX congregation.
    I have been baptized since 19XX. I was “raised” in the Truth.
    I was alerted to information on a news site that was deeply disturbing to me personally and spiritually. That site is sited below, with printouts of the “news” as well as the links to them.

    On the website of The United Nations ( the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society was and is still (as of the writing of this letter) listed as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) affiliated with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

    At first glance it seemed as though this association of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society with the United Nations could be reasonable and logical. However the thoughts come to mind, as we have been taught over the years… Stay “separate from the world”. (John 17:14)

    In various WatchTower publications, there are quotes concerning the “wild beast” of Revelation. The “wild beast” has always, to my knowledge, been referred to in these publications, as the “league of nations, and what followed, the United Nations.

    *** w86 10/1 20 Peace From God-When? ***
    20 In God’s Word, the course of the League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations, is likened to that of “a scarlet-colored wild beast” having seven heads (representing the world powers from which it originates) and ten horns (standing for the governmental powers that now support it). The Bible shows it to be a political “beast,” comparable to the British “lion” and the Russian “bear.” Upon its back there rides a woman, “Babylon the Great, the mother of the harlots and of the disgusting things of the earth.” (Revelation 17:3-8) This well expresses Jehovah’s view of false religion, which does not represent him and his righteous Kingdom. She commits spiritual harlotry by getting involved in politics. Religion’s linking up with the UN in the world’s campaign for peace and security is an example of this. She would also like to have peace and security from God’s judgment message proclaimed by Jehovah’s Witnesses. To this end, she has influenced some governments to ban the Christian activity of the Witnesses.—Psalm 2:1-3.

    *** w87 9/1 20 On Guard Against "Peace and Security" as Devised by Nations ***
    13 The United Nations is actually a worldly confederacy against Jehovah God and his dedicated Witnesses on earth. It is really a conspiracy, with the worldly nations getting their heads together and scheming up what they may do against the visible organization of Jehovah God on earth. During this “conclusion of the system of things,” it was foreshadowed by the conspiracy referred to at Isaiah 8:12.—Matthew 24:3.

    Here are just “some” of the criteria to be met by an organization in order to achieve NGO/DPI status. []
    "What are the Criteria for NGOs to become associated with DPI?"
    Organizations eligible for association with DPI are those which:
    ? Share the ideals of the UN Charter;
    ? Operate solely on a not-for-profit basis;
    ? Have a demonstrated interest in United Nations issues and proven ability to reach large or specialized audiences, such as educators, media representatives, policy makers and the business community;
    ? Have the commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes about UN activities by publishing newsletters, bulletins, and pamphlets; organizing conferences, seminars and round tables; and enlisting the cooperation of the media.
    In 1968, the Economic and Social Council, by Resolution 1297 (XLIV) of 27 May, called on DPI to associate NGOs, bearing in mind the letter and spirit of its Resolution 1296 (XLIV) of 23 May 1968, which stated that an NGO "...shall undertake to support the work of the United Nations and to promote knowledge of its principles and activities, in accordance with its own aims and purposes and the nature and scope of its competence and activities".
    These statements are troubling to me. This information is making it into the news wires as well. What they are saying is NOT pleasant, and leaves me deeply disturbed. For instance, an on-line news source (copy of article enclosed)
    Is quoted as saying…(in part)
    “The United Nations is being asked to investigate why it has granted associate status to the Jehovah's Witnesses, the fundamentalist US-based Christian sect, which regards it as the scarlet beast predicted in the Book of Revelation.”
    And later in the month…this same news service (again…copies enclosed) [,4273,4277197,00.html]
    Is quoted as saying (in part)
    “The Jehovah's Witnesses have hurriedly disaffiliated from the United Nations within days of a Guardian story in which members accused the sect of hypocrisy for supporting an organisation it has repeatedly denounced privately.”
    I would really appreciate it if you could answer some concerns I have.
    A) Is this information reliable? Is it true?
    B) If this information is TRUE; What was the purpose of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society’s association with the UN as an NGO/DPI?

    C) If this information is TRUE; Can you validate the authenticity of the information contained in the attached letter from the Chief- NGO/DPI Section, United Nations- Paul Hoeffel?
    D) If this information is TRUE: Why In October 2001, did the WTBTS seek termination of this almost 10-year-old relationship with the UN, apparently after the discovery of this information being made public?
    E) If this information is true; How do we as representatives of the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society, and Witnesses of Jehovah God, explain to newly interested ones the nature of this relationship and its purpose in a New World Order?
    I thank you in advance for helping me to reconcile this deeply disturbing information.
    I know your answers will be helpful, direct, and to the point.

    Your Brother in Jehovah’s Service,

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    I think positive articles of UN affiliates are simply that, a story about the food program or humanitarian programs. Perhaps in a way this may "soften" the old view of the UN but these could hardly be seen as "advertising" for the UN.

    Why write Pro articles at all??? Will they next write about the humanitarian programs being done in Iraq by the US and it's allies? How is writing articles favorable to the UN staying neutral??? The WTBTS exists to advance a particular religious belief. It is NOT a news organization.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    As the story unfolds, be very assured that more "news" is forth coming about the hypocrisy of the WTB&TS. There is a lot more than just the UN situation. Keep watching the headlines......

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    It's my understanding that the story was broke by Steven Bates of the UK Guardian so if anyone should get credit it is him.!

    Kent broke the story. Zev was the first to write to the UN and then the wheels really started going. Then Mad Apostate and a few others got involved.

    If you do a search on this db you will find how this story unfolded back in September/October 2001

    A friend of this Board who I have not talked to in some years now (but who I highly respect) alerted Bates to the story and well lets just say I had a conversation or two with Mr. Bates. Steve and his friend were nice enough to send me the original Tablet article. Now to think about it, Steve posted on this db a couple of times back in the fall of 2001.


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