Governing Body talk in Holland - GB decisions are Jehovah's decisions

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  • Amazing1914

    Oh my Gawd ... Incredible ... to think we used to sit there and listen to that stuff. - Jim W.

  • Honesty

    What a crock of doo doo.

  • aniron

    Who is Bro. McKenzie ?

  • Undecided

    After reading that I was about to bow down, then I realized I had fallen asleep from the boredom and was dreaming.

    Ken P.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Do you think this talk / letter might be preserved as instruction for future generations.

    Like say put into a book of other talks / letters and giving a title.....

    All talks / letters by org appointed grown ones are being relayed from the top down and are beneficial and to be used for reproving and controlling

    A Letter From Spirit Appointed Brother McKenzie to the Hollandians.

    Chapter One

    Verse One....

    won't be long before the WT is hauled into court , they sound desperate

  • Pleasuredome

    so are the GB going to holland to discuss issues or give a lecture? i'd say it'll be the latter.

  • garybuss

    This follows exactly in the pattern of the Witness religion's practices that I had problems with 30+ years ago. Incredibly bold claims without one shred of proof to back it all up. When they are questioned about their past claims, they just defend themselves with more dogmatic claims.

    The idea that the owners of the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation are divinely directed, but not inspired, appointed by God, but only errant fallible men, prone to mistakes, and all Jehovah's Witnesses are encumbered to follow their every word under threat of being shunned by their own family members, is laughable.

    I have been watching the Society's managers running around the world trying to plug holes in the dike. When they directed the publications to the Witness people and started to warn them about associating with EACH OTHER they send the clear message that they have lost the Witness people's respect and control over them.

    It's not surprising to see the owners of the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation fly around the world lobbying for compliance. More Witness people are seeing the claims made by the owners of the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation in a VOODO light.

    The Society's telling the Witness people that they couldn't vote or join the YMCA while the Society joins the DPI of the United Nations does not sit well with the Witness people and it's ONLY the individual denial by the Witness people that now protects the Society's very core.

  • Satanus

    Bro mckenzie's name is nowhere on any of the new (1999) committees. He is a lower level schmoo.


  • badboy

    What holes in their dikes?

  • Mary
    No human was involved when Paul was appointed, it happened through Jehovah and Jesus. The governing body was formed in a similar way back then. The congregations had to acknowledge the governing body and could pose their questions to them.

    That's funny. I recall Paul being hauled up on the carpet several times to the rank and file Christian back then, to explain himself. The Messianic Jews/Christians beat the living shit out him at one point, because they felt he was a hypocrite and a self-righteous asshole who didn't think anyone should dare to question him about any decisions he made. And what did Paul do then? He went whining and crying to the Romans for "protection" from his brethren.......Paul thought he was above everyone else but clearly there was a a sizable number of Christians who thought otherwise..........geeze, is anyone else getting deja vu???

    This was Jehovah?s arrangement, so when the governing body makes a decision, it?s Jehovah?s decision.

    I guess Jehovah must get real confused about alot of things, like 1874, 1878 1914, 1925, 1942, 1975, this generation, alternative military service, blood fractions, beastiality, whether or not you can speak to someone who's disfellowshipped, vaccinations, voting, higher education, saving for retirement, having beards, celebrating Christmas, Birthdays, whether Jesus died on a stake or a cross.........

    I think that's hilarious that these senile old goats are in such a panic over "their authoritive position", that they have to fly half way across the world to re-assert themselves. Did they make any mention of the NGO fiasco? No? I guess they were too busy trying to scare everyone into worshipping them........what a bunch of idiots..........

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