What do people do in a discussion that ticks you off?

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  • Oroborus21


    I hate when that happens.


    PS: Evilforce: I am curious to know what is it about the word "schism" that gets under your skin?

  • Fe2O3Girl
    We all enjoy an interesting discussion. But, sooner or later it seem inevitable that somebody comes along and throws a monekywrench into the mechanism and the huge engine sputters to a halt.

    What do people do in a discussion that ticks you off and stops the flow of conversation and turns it from being productive to unproductive?

    I really don't know, but I am obviously doing it because most of the time I kill threads stone dead, or my post is ignored completely.

  • IP_SEC

    LOL Fe2O3Girl,

    I kill threads stone dead

    I look at my post history and see the same thing. Either I'm soooo good and just capped it (doubtful) or it's like ppl think 'damn who does this guy think he is posting here'

    LOL its all good though, now watch this thread die

    Sorry for killing your thread Terry

  • Sirona


    You don't kill threads, I guess sometimes your intelligent posts just go over some people's heads!


  • jaffacake

    Nothing really ticks me off unless I'm feeling negative, but that's down to me, not the poster.

    What makes me sad is when folks have been hurt by the Watchtower, and they are still feeling negative about it & can't help using the watchtower ways to criticise others. If they hate the watchtower that means watchtower is still controlling them. Easy for me to say & see because I've never been a JW. I've felt the same myself though, but with me it wasn't the watchtower, it was other stuff that had a similar effect. Takes years to beat things like WTS and be truly free of it.

  • Terry

    When you ask maybe the best question anybody could ever have come up with----and it gets ignored completely!

  • AllTimeJeff

    I know the feeling.

    I missed this one. I hate the fact that some people are unwilling to be wrong, or to reconsider their beliefs, or even say "I haven't thought of that." "I don't know." "Let me get back to you on that."

  • Quillsky

    I love debate but I can't continue with someone whose only resort is a personal attack. A good example is the heated Roman Polanski thread here. I took a position for the sake of a different viewpoint, to add color to the thread, and I had responses along the line of "THAT says a lot about YOU as a person". (And received my first ever online death threat.)

    When I encounter a good conversationalist, a thoughtful debater, in real life or on a discussion board, I am very willing to reconsider my viewpoint. I enjoy good brain food, and I'm told I sometimes serve it up.


    I had responses along the line of "THAT says a lot about YOU as a person".....Quillsky

    Dam rights it does..

    I said it..And..I stand by it..

    Maybe next time..

    You can take the side of someone,who Eats Babies..

    For the Sake of a..

    Different Viewpoint and adding Colour to the Thread..

    .................................. ...OUTLAW

  • Quillsky

    I rest my case.

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