has this happened to you???

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  • donald

    thanks guys and gals....im going back to college soon ....but what to become......i had 30 years at one job.....now that i can go back full time....what do i become...ill take any suggestions...donald

  • Preston

    I was actually kind of lucky. My congregation was open to kids going to college and I got my four year degree while I was a Ministerial Servant. Doing both was the hardest thing I ever did, but I think school opened my eyes as to how people function in the real world, not that college ultimately prepares you for that but coming from a sheltered environment, being around 'worldly' people was a huge lesson. I actually think college is kind of overrated, don't get me wrong, there are certain perks, but there's so many ways to get education I wouldnt necessarily put your eggs in one basket. Now that I look back on it I probably should have looked at getting certified rather than getting a piece of paper with "BS" written on it...

    - Preston

  • Sirona

    I have one third of my degree in Psychology (started when I left the dubs but stalled when I got cancer). I've just returned to study and I'm loving it!

    They took it away from me and I'm determined to have my degree!


  • mapleaf18

    yep definitely a sore spot with me (and my younger sister). we were both raised in the "truth" and our dad was a TOTAL hard-liner when it came to college. . .and everything else. it's funny being in your 40s and surrounded by managers in their 20s and 30s because they actually HAD an education. although i scored tops in the SATs (i'm not sure why i took the SAT; just herded into the room w/ every other student), i dutifully explained that i could not go to college to my guidance counselor, who just sat there with his jaw wide open.

    on the other hand; today's "college education" is probably equivalent to the 70's 8th grade education from what i can see. (of course, employers NEVER take THAT into consideration)

    your average counter help at mcdonalds with a two year degree in liberal arts wouldn't know how to count back change should the register malfunction.

    it certainly has been "dumbed down."

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you that it has been dumbed down and so have many things in this country. Nevertheless, people should get it anyway. Older persons who got their degree years ago seem to have a better education generally. This is especially evident in their grammar skills. I think in this country education is a big business and they keep raising the bar. In part, this is done because certain high school grads in certain areas have deplorable skills. Also, certin jobs that didn't used to require college now require some college credit (firemen for one). Because they are inundated with applicants, this is probably done to exclude many candidates.


  • LongHairGal

    Oops, pardon my typos. I don't have spell check.


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