WTF long hair is unacceptable? Bible says so

by tsunami_rid3r 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    I think ancient Jews would have had their hair rather full; helping complement the beard look! I have a book with illustrations of stone carvings depicted within and many ancient males had hair cut either at shoulder level or cut just above.

    Those pesky Romans & Greeks probably influenced men - thus the short hair cut and silly shaving ritual.

    That reminds me, I must get my mop of hair sorted out

  • tijkmo

    i cant be bothered cutting my hair ar present...when anyone says i tell them ive taken a vow of sex no alchohol no haircut...........well 2 outa 3 aint bad

  • trevor

    Who asked for this alleged advice about hairstyles form Paul - since made a saint by the Catholic church - the same man who used to torture Christians to death!

    I wonder if his advice on beards would concur with the Jehovah?s Witnesses adherence to the pagan Roman custom of shaving?

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