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  • inquirer


    Very late April fool's Witness style? I don't know.

    It wasn't really a special talk was it? They should have told everybody to get ready for another ORDINARY TALK.

  • inquirer


    Oh dont tell me I missed this one.....Shucks. !!!

    Scully I remember in Ottawa an assembly ( world wide one) after we had gone for weeks getting rooms for people of other lands. We had to go wash down the Assembly place ( forgot what it was called) Then it was an 8 day assembly I had to take my book study-- my daughter Melanie - two Pioneers & sleep in a TENT!!!!!!!!! Talk about suffering!!!! One day special meeting you say Mary ???& they forgot to invite me??? PITY!


    Sounds like Bootcamp! ...Are you sure it was 8 days long! I never heard of it! Longest was 3-4 days as a JW. Maybe it's different in Oz...

    But then again, they always change the rules.

  • Scully

    The longest assemblies I ever went to were 5 days, back in the early 70s. That must seem like a walk in the park compared to 8 days.

  • blondie

    I think the last eight-day assembly/convention was in 1969. There used to be as many as 4 dramas too. After that there were 2 dramas and now there is only 1 and that ensemble usually performs at several conventions in the same area. It takes a lot of time.

    As to special talks, I remember that there was one, a supplement to the annual meeting, in several places in 2001 and only certain congregations were invited.

  • mouthy

    Yes it was 8 days ...& it never ended till late at night.
    Boot camp sounds about right. Even concentration camp sound better .You can see I did concentrate to what they taught -THATS why I stayed all those years....Dummy!!!

  • Mary

    Mouthy said: One day special meeting you say Mary ???& they forgot to invite me??? PITY!

    Geeze, I TRIED getting a hold of you, cause I knew how desperately you wanted to go, but I couldn't seem to track you down....I figured you were out in Service.

    Evil Force said: Then they run around relating their experience of how orgasmic the talk was. Ie, "I can't believe how good it was. These talks just get better and better. I feel so close to Jahoba now".

    Normally yes, but as I said, I was surprised to hear this "loyal Witness" bitterly complain about the content of this "Special Talk" and adding that others complained too. While I'm sure there's pu-lenty of Dubs who were thrilled beyond words to be there, I find it significant that there are those who are still (at present) faithful to the Borg, but who openly complain like that. Obviously they're totally lacking in appreciation.

    Speaking of shit-assed assemblies, does anyone here remember the Living Nightmare of going to the Buffalo assembly in '69? That was without a doubt the worse assembly experience I can ever remember. It was boiling hot and miserable and pathetic and we had to sit out in the bleachers roasting to death.....Hell had new meaning after that torture-filled week.

  • blondie

    I knew an older sister who attended the conventions in NYC in 1953, 1955, and 1958. She stayed at Tent City and told me that the program was piped in over speakers and that they did not go to the main convention site but listened there at Tent City. Does anyone else remember that?



    w53 10/1 p. 584 New World Society Assembly of Jehovah?s Witnesses ***

    A not insignificant segment of the New World Society Assembly was located at Trailer City, near New Market, New Jersey, forty miles from the stadium. On its 200 acres 1,500 trailers parked and 6,000 tents sprang up practically overnight along theocratically named streets. Connected by direct wire with Yankee Stadium, its 80 buildings and meeting tents provided amply for both the spiritual and the physical needs of its 45,000 inhabitants


    w53 10/1 p. 595 New World Society Assembly of Jehovah?s Witnesses ***

    Two free copies of the booklet containing the lecture were offered to all in attendance. The official count showed that 91,562 had jammed into Yankee Stadium, 25,240 heard the lecture in the overflow tents around the stadium and 49,027 listened at Trailer City, making a total of 165,829. WBBR broadcast it to many more thousands.

  • orangefatcat

    A Special Talk all the way to Hamilton I guess the GB hasn't noticed the price of gasoline these days.

    I went to the 1969 Buffalo 8 Day Assembly At War Memorial Stadium. Was the pits. Sessions started a 8:30 in the morning and you'd have a couple of hours for lunch. Then afternon sessions til 5 Pm then supper and evening sessions going until 9-9:30 PM Talk about boredom .

    A very very sore a$$ and fatique from the heat. It was unbearable. 5day assemblies were a breeze. At the eight day ones my mother was a basket case after. I think it took us weeks and weeks to get over it . Oh and how about the service at the assembly in 69, and the plackcard work. Walkig up and down the dirty streets of Buffalo. Yuck Yuck Yuck We took my aunt and her two brats and one of the boys ran off and disappeared into a crowd of thousands. My aunt was ballistic and my father was so peeved when he was finally found he got the worst tonuge lashing a mother could give. Yes those were the days my friend, we never thought they ever end. But my cousin was singing another tune. "Help

    No wonder so many JWs are taking anti depressants and anti anxiety medications.

    Today I think if JWs had to go to an 8 day assembly they would pass out at the very thought of it. Today they are so lucky to only have three day district conventions and one day assembly day. They don't know how lucky they are.

    Mouthy dear that convention in Ottawa was at Lansdown Park if memory serves me.

    Memories galore.

    luv Orangefatcat

  • Purza
    only certain congregations were invited.

    I wonder what the critera is to be that "special" congregation. Do you have to have an above average field service rating? More pioneers? What a joke. It just falls into line that there are rank & file that get more privileges (I used that term loosely) than others. Kinda like the other sheep/little flock.


  • willyloman
    The Witness I spoke to was furious that they had "wasted an entire afternoon" going to this stupid thing.

    That's the same reaction I saw two years ago when "only elders and their wives" were invited to a special "supplemental meeting of the annual meeting" in Long Beach, CA.

    This was held in tandem with the annual meeting in New York, and the buzz was that something really special was going to take place. Lurking on this board, I noticed there was quite a bit of talk about it here, too.

    So we drove for hours and sat all afternoon in the auditorium and listed to a sales pitch for convention tours to foreign lands! Un-freakin-believable!

    Ted Jaracz was the Main Man there and he started the proceedings by saying: "There's been a lot of speculation about this meeting, brothers. Well, you should never try to second guess Mother." With that, he quickly dispelled our anticipation and it was all downhill from there.

    You should have seen the elders and their wives trooping silently across the street to a brew pub afterwards. An elder at the next table sat down and ordered TWO beers (for himself). I guess he didn't want to have to wait for the second one!

    It was right after that a little light went on in my head and I developed an exit strategy.

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