Two more Old friends Died this Week

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  • Undecided

    I guess I will have to get used to that happening. One of them was a black man that I played with when I was about 7 years old while my grandma studied with his grandma and mother. They became JWs. We had the congregation book study in his home when I was still the book study conductor. The other one was some one I had worked with when I was a teenager back in the 50s. We saw each other often at McDonalds. Time rolls on.

    Ken P.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Sorry about your losses. It use to be my parent's friends were slowly leaving this mortal soil, but recently I've had people of my generation "checking out". Such is life.... the comings and goings..... makes "living" more precious each day.....

  • blondie

    It can make you feel your own mortality more.

    Two people 20 years younger than I am died this week. It seems like more people under 40 are dying lately.

    Love, Blondie

  • garybuss

    I have been attending funerals that are not mine more often too. I hope it continues.

  • Carmel

    Well according to JW cosmology, it's just protoplasm.. so one could quote the mantra of a famous physicist, "protoplasm must die so that other protoplasm can live." On the other hand, it sure does call into question the "real soon" theology of Dubland.

    My condolences.


  • Cygnus

    I'm so sorry, Ken. You're still one of my favorite posters after all these years and I try not to miss any of your posts. :)

  • gumby

    Sorry buddy for your loss. Mortality reality kinda sucks especially as we get older. I see people my age and younger in the obituaries every day and it bugs me.

    Try looking on the bright side. I have aunts that lived till their mid you got a ways to go cuz arnry bastards like you live forever!

    Hugs to you my friend.....and keep your chin up cuz you and I will raise some hell with Fred Franz together when we both go to heaven. You ARE of the annointed aren't ya?


  • Undecided

    Almost all the ones in my old school class are still alive and we are having a reunion of the classes from 1946-58 in May. This should be fun to see all those old people I knew back then. My brother is included in this group.

    Ken P.

  • GetBusyLiving

    Sorry for your losses Undecided. As I've been chatting with my mom about lately, 'dieing sucks'. Not much else I can think of to say about that.


  • Lehaa

    I'm sorry for you losses. I agree mortality does suck.

    My grandmother had a hard time watching her friends and neighbours die, it was hard for her.

    I knew her neighbours quite well, she lived in a retirement village. When she died I went in to visit all her neighbours a few times and took the kids, took them all photos of her and little momentoes like that.

    It just made it easier for them to cope, and it was very therapudic for me too

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