Thought it was about time I spill my guts...

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  • Lehaa


    Your story is soo much like mine except i stuffed it up. I chose the witness boy,(even thought the "worldly guy" wanted to marry me) and lived in a bad relationship for 10 years. Cought up with the "worldly guy" a while ago all too late, he's married now with two kids. I still love him to this day, 10 years of separation did not make out love fade.

    You were right to make the life choices you did, when it's right it's right regardless of religion and what outr parents say.

    Good for you going with your heart and doing what you knew was right. It's gotta have taken guts.



  • purplesofa

    Glad you and Daniel are together. A nice love story.


  • Golf


    Krystal, there's a few of us on this board that live in the same neck of the woods. They should be getting in touch you.


  • Honesty

    First of all, Congratulations on getting out of the cult.

    Your life can only get better from now on. As for this:

    I have some friends who are committed to "de-programming" me... they suggested I get in touch with some people who have had similar experiences... I think it is the best piece of advice I have ever had.

    By all means get in touch with others who have had similar experiences or you will never get rid of the JW demons.

  • Quotes

    You have been through much for such young age.

    Glad you are here!

  • tijkmo

    you'd think they woulda worked it out by now dont you....shunning a 17 year old in trouble is so not going to work...where as helping one is likely to reaffirm their love and beliefs.......the awake recently had a series of articles about teenage pregnancy and i have to say that they were balanced non-judgemental and primarily concerned with the welfare of the wrongdoer....i did a survey in my area..i asked several elders what they thought of the articles...less than half had read them

    these are the same bros who will be forming jcs for pregnant teenagers...and some may look up the article when they do...but really they are not getting to grips with the issues that are facing young people and so will not be able to help in a crisis...the first articles i used to read when i got the awake was the ypa...i thought their concerns were paramount

    wishing you all the best in your life krystal

  • Chia

    Krystal, you're such a strong person! Thank you for sharing your story.

  • delilah

    Hi Krystal and welcome, this is quite an interesting site and I'm enjoying it immensely, as I'm sure you will. I laugh myself silly over a lot of things I read. There seems to be a lot of humorous ones here. Enjoy.


  • Krystal

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

  • BluesBrother

    Hi Kystal,

    welcome aboard the board. This is the place to find people who understand, because we have been there. Stories like yours make me look back with regret at the times when I sat on committees . In fact I can remember one in particular , a young girl who was pregnant.. She did not say the right things and so we disfellowshipped her. Looking back now I can try and appreciate how hard it was for her.

    Mind you , I am sad that your Mother was not there at your time of need. A medical emergency would have been ok with the congregation .

    I am glad things are looking better now, have a happy life and keep posting....

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