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  • diamondblue1974

    There is no place in the WTS for smart JW's and the majority of those who are genuine leave at some point; those that see it for what it really is and still stay must have some ulterior motive in my opinion.

    Getting out is the hard part I do realise having been there and done that but to simply not take any action such as a fade or a clean break is pointless and hypocritical.

  • Golf

    I hope I don't offend anyone by saying, "Ill remain a smartass." Just joking of course.

    Good comments everyone. Phil 78, you hit the nail on the head!


  • anglise

    Sorry but cant stand hypocrisy.
    These ones who "play the system" are often the same ones who stand on the platform and pontificate the
    the WTBTS creed (rules and regs) for the cong to follow.
    No problem if all are in the same hypocritical mold. The big problem is when there are new ones, BS and honest
    people listening who then try and live their lives according to these precepts.
    The honest ones get screwed because they try to do it all and be good dubs, the loud mouthed hyprocrites
    just talk the talk but dont walk the walk.
    One day some of these might just be faced with the blood issue.
    Will they then be willing to DIE or sacrifice their children for their hypocrisy?
  • diamondblue1974

    Just adding to my previous comments.....its not just hypocritical its self serving...some thrive on the politics its almost like a vocation to them with the meetings like networking opportunities to prime the pump for their next step up the social makes me sick especially when they dont live their lives in accordance with what they purport to believe.

  • Country_Woman
    At some point the non-conforming members will seriously erode the structure simply by existing outside the close control of the zealous core, thereby providing an alternative paradigm.

    I heard just a few years ago that the entire body of ders from a certain congregation have been removed, just for something like this... (an elder told me - he was going to send over there ""where the nead was big")

    In my former congregation there are a lot of this kind of families (nearly all the elders are related to each other: father - son - son in law - cousins and go on)

  • ShadowX

    Well I recon that most of those who are inside and are also happy have learned to use official rules and hierarchy to their advantage or else they'd go out. It's like belonging to a golf club, if you don't know the rules or you suck at it, or you simply hate the game you'll go out eventually.

  • Cygnus

    The very best way (IMNSHO) to keep people, online anyway, from becoming a JW or becoming interested in JWism is to act like a strict JW from the 1950s-1980s and not act apostate-like. Those who have become JWs recently either aren't familiar with the old spoken and unspoken "rules" or just don't really care.

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