Jehovah's Ministers

by Shawn 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • kls

    K Shawn you ain't got stanky breath ,,,,,,,,,,i is sorry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It must be them undies

  • integ


    I think that is a great idea...Can I give the keynote address at our district assembly? I have some interesting new light I would like to share with the congregation.


  • purplesofa
    Nor could we start out with 6 million idiots that would listen to us

    Made me bust out laughing!!! thanks

  • Carmel

    Gee, would you allow innoculation? Organ transplants? Talk about goofy theology! I think you'd have to go back beyond Russellford to come up with a theology worth listening to..

    IMHO of course.


  • Shawn

    kls, you gotta wear them for them to smell. j/k

    What about their computer systems? Anyone know anything about those? Who does their website or maintains their database. Again I am just throwing ideas out there. Curious is all.

  • POs Son
    POs Son

    I feel that I am one of your new annointed. Oh, nope, I just had to pee. Sorry for the false New Light.

    POs Son

  • kls

    Shawn ,does you're mind ever rest ,you is going to go crazy with this and then you will implode

  • Shawn

    Pos Son, that was good. Acording to ray Franz that is pretty much how things are done too.

    kls, imploded already, still coming back for more. I can't let this go. Luckily I have support from this forum and other people. I am keeping it cool and my friend is still my friend. Just using this as a sounding board. I haven't heard any advice from you in a while though. Any new thoughts on my situation?

  • kls

    Shawn ,really take it easy ,i know what you are going through but this whole thing will take time and you will drive you'reself nuts in the mean time.Remember even if you get her out someday she may go back and that is a possibility you need to remember.

  • candidlynuts

    moreso than money, you'd need a charismatic person that already has a following as a jw.

    and i dont know anyone like that.. everyones dull as dishwater lol.

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