True Funny WW2 Experience

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  • JW83

    This is taken from Daily Telegraph, Sydney, 22.9.42, after a convention had not been allowed to go ahead.

    Mrs Inez Stoop, a JWs tract distributor, said yesterday: 'Do not ask me why the conference was not held. You are from a newspaper, and all newspapers and their reporters are of the Devil. You will be burned in eternal flames when the Day of Judgment arrives. Away from my sight, for you are unworthy to loosen the latchet of my shoes.'

    Mrs Stoop was accompanied by a small man with a parcel of tracts.

    He said in a high-pitched voice: 'Who pays you to torment us? I know. Money from Russia - that's what it is. It's all prophesied in Daniel.'

    Mrs Stoop brushed the small man aside and said: 'Bide your peace. Our time is not yet come.'

  • Stephanus


    They haven't changed much, have they? They still think reporters are of the Devil, especially when they're asking awkward questions about child molestation within the ranks!

  • confusedjw

    That was like a corny scene from an old movie.

    Do you have the scan of that? Great stuff.

  • Stephanus
    Mrs Stoop brushed the small man aside and said: 'Bide your peace. Our time is not yet come.'

    If that was 56 years ago in 1942, then when WILL your time come, Mrs Stoop?

  • Crumpet

    I must have missed the part in Daniel where he prophesied the Russians would fund Australian reporters to defame JWs!

  • diamondblue1974

    Crumpet you did miss it....i remember it being covered in the watchtower...never mind it not being in the bible it was in the watchtower and thats all that counts.

    It was part of the light getting ever brighter wasnt it?

  • Quotes

    Hey, this qualifies as a 2nd-hand JW Quote, and therefore worthy of inclusion in the Quotes web site.

    Does anyone have a scan of the 1942 newspaper? Or some other authoritative source I can refer to? (Please don't make me fly to Sydney to check the archives).

    ~Quotes, of the "This is gold, Jerry... GOLD!!!" class

  • mapleaf18

    Is this the "stoops" of bookbag manufacturing fame????

  • ValiantBoy
    ValiantBoy funny..

    The scary thing for me is that a lot of witnesses whom I know and love and respect became witnesses during this time...were they that crazy too?

    At least by the time my fam became witnesses they had toned down a bit :>)

  • JW83

    Sorry guys, I don't have a scanner yet - you'll all have to travel to Sydney to check it out!

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