I just had a wonderful call

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  • mouthy

    From Gadget!!!! what a lovely surprise!!!!! I honestly believe the love we have among EX JWs is beautiful.

    We thought when we were JWs & having "fellowship:" but must not say anything to each other that we did not agree !!! Now we can TRUTHFULLY express HOW we feel WHAT we believe & still LOVE each other.

    Thank you my Dearest friend Paul (((((((((HUG)))))XXXX I will try to look after myselkf- if I dont I know Jesus will ( wink,wink !!!! Arent I naughty ???Dont answer that XXXXXX

  • JH

    It's nice to see you posting mouthy !

  • MattieSus

    Mouthy... that's so nice of you post. Not sure you were expecting any replies, but here goes.

    I have to tell you, (giggling still), I couldn't be sure if you were referring to phone "call" or house-to-house "call". AAAAAHHHHHAHAHHHHAA

    Either way, don't you think it would have been nice, if when we went door-to-door, we could have really become friends with those folks, and been perfectly honest with them? I guess that's what we're doing here.

  • BrendaCloutier

    (((((( Mouthy, Gramma, Grace ))))) Nice to see you up and posting!


  • mouthy

    Yes it would have been nice if we could have been real friends with out calls... But Gadget called from ENGLAND to CANADA!!!! hey thats love .

    Yes I am glad to be on board again.... Brummie are you coming to PA this year??? it is the 14th Oct ?

  • Frog

    What's PA Grammie? am I invited?!! and yes I'd have to agree that there is certainly a special bond that we share with ex-jw's here on the board, and beyond. It's more "brother" & "sister" like than anything I experienced or saw inside the org. froglett

  • mouthy

    Frog!!! good to e- you.... Pa is a convention of EX JWS -it is called "Witnesses Now For Jesus"I first went there in 1989 ( I had been kicked out in 87 from the LIE) I was still believing the LIe. But THAT convention cured me. There was about 300 Ex JWs there - It is held at the Blue Mountains - a wonderfully bueatiful place .EH TRESSHAPPY?This year it starts on the 14th of Oct....

  • bem
    I honestly believe the love we have among EX JWs is beautiful.

    I firmly agree (((((Grace))))). I am so glad Gadget called you.


  • Dansk

    Love to you, Grace!

    So glad you're back to your cheery self!



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