Southeastern Oklahoma's mountains

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  • Junction-Guy

    In the southeastern section of Oklahoma there lies the Ouachita Mountains and the Winding Stair Mountains, these mountains are absolutely gorgeous and basically undisovered to the tourist crowds. There is a 54 mile road called the Talimena scenic drive and it follows the mountaintop and has numerous overlooksWe drove through there last year on the way back from the Dallas Apostafest, and were really impressed. This year we will try drive through there again. We end up coming into Hot Springs Arkansas the back way.

    This is just a fluff posting, but I thought I would mention it to all the Dallasites as it is only about 4 hours away and well worth the drive.

    I cant wait til the Texas trip, I have been reading the road maps and brochures constantly.

  • bem

    Hey D, Guy. your talking my neck of the woods. E-mail me at [email protected] and I'll get my phone number to you and if it's possible you all can stay at my house, be it ever so humble, me'casa, there's no place like home. Or at least take you to lunch, And take the drive at the same time ya'll do I haven't been over it in a few months.

    On my account is Bemsmom, there are some Talimena pictures and others of Southeastern Oklahoma. & family goon pictures you'll recognize us we look like out-laws. My son and daughter-in-law live in Mena.


  • Junction-Guy

    Hey Dorothy, it was good talking with you today, and look forward to seeing you in Dallas.


  • BrendaCloutier

    I have family in NW Arkansas in Springdale area - aunt, gr-mother, cousins.

    I had the opportunity to visit them several years ago when I was in Oak City for client training. (Sadly, it was 1 year to the week before the Oak City Bombing). I drove hwy 40 I think it was, and meandered N into Sequoia's home and along the Ok/Ar state line until I turned R going into Ark. I never realized E Oaklahoma was so beautiful! And the Ozarks are awesome. But I'll tell you, those Ark drivers are the worst I've ever come across!

    My ancestors Henry Wood and family, were the first white settlers of the Ozarks just N of the Ark/Missoura line. The other two families were Johnson and Clinton, ancestor of the family that adopted Bill.

    Someday, when I'm rich, I'll get back that way.



  • ValiantBoy

    I grew up in SE OK. THese areas are very nice. We used to go to the Talimena drive every year to see the fall colors.

  • Bryan

    Okay...have/do you guys live near McAlester?

    Also... Springdale, AR. Brenda, did you know the Prices or couin's (sp).


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • bem

    Dave great to talk with you too! I look forward to seeing you again and meeting your wife.

    Great Brenda if your ever this way we need to get in touch, so we can meet. Sprindale and Rogers are really close to me also.

    Valiantboy, can I take it thats where you live? your avatar name? I wondered before when I've seen the name. Thats so cool Vboy Pm me if you want to where you were raised down here, I am either kin to or know half of the people in the Talihina area. And some of the ones I'm kin to I don't wanna know.

    Yes Bryan I'm less than forty miles from McAlester.

  • tyydyy

    I spent my childhood in the Ozarks. Deer Arkansas. Population 40. Kingdom hall had outhouses (men's and women's) til '73. A lot of people there still do. Great area to visit. Magical with the bluffs overlooking the valleys.


    Edited because I just realized that I hit 1000 posts. Wow! Don't I get a toaster or something?

  • bem

    Yes Tim, It is a lot like that here also. outhouses and all. ( I am logging in that I don't have an outhouse just to clarify) LOL.

    Congrats on the 1000 posts. a toaster? just hope you don't get toasted.

  • bem

    Hey the ad's on this page for Beavers Bend , and Robbers Cave. like an hour away. Plus The Viking Ruin stone in Heavener. They prolly have pics at prime light and time to go with the area.

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