Awful Friends.

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  • prophecor

    And you're only following in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, who often associated with the tax collectors and sinners, persons of all sorts of ill repute. In fact, I often don't feel at home unless I'm with the underdogs.

  • mapleaf18

    i found that most of the "friends" at the KH were either excessively needy--to the point where you felt like you were being mauled or just plain aloof.

    one in particular that i can think of. . . an extremely manipulative older lady who was short on IQ but was clever enough to use that as an excuse for badgering you into anything. she had a full set of false teeth which she rarely wore; and emotional issues which caused her to shove food into her mouth when she ate w/o chewing. it made you sick to your stomach just to sit next to her during "gatherings."

    she was always asking you to take her here and there and would literally curse her beleagered son out if he didn't do what she wanted. she was and still is a master at guilt and her personal cleanliness/ habits were atrocious. a GREAT burden to the whole congregation as she really could not care for herself properly for years and years and should have had round the clock supervision by a professional (she was always hearing voices to kill people, etc.)

    she "befriended" me immediately to the point of taking over; calling me every second and trying to have her son drop her off to "visit" me. she had the elders on speed dial and was constantly calling them.

    i don't miss ANY of those types of friends nor do i miss the extreme gossipping that always took place. my mother and father still have "gossip" fests about who is doing what and who got d'fd etc. etc. my father is a natural ham and i think he stays loyal to the WTS just for the talks he gets to give on the platform. he is often the centre of attention as he volunteers himself for the press releases and media committees to draw attention to upcoming conventions. if he sees a tv camera or radio mike, he is THERE and just LOVES the limelight. i really think he is a frustrated stage actor.

  • Crumpet
    persons of all sorts of ill repute.

    propehcor - I hope that wasn't directed at me!

  • prophecor
    persons of all sorts of ill repute.

    propehcor - I hope that wasn't directed at me! I'm sorry dear sister, but your reputes are far from being Ill.

  • BrendaCloutier
    I love 'em all, warts and all.

    I've learned to love my warts. They're kinda cute dressed up!

    It took being drunk, obnoxious, and cared for by loving friends who still loved me the next day to teach me about what friendship was all about. My nose started getting shorter instead of longer from looking down on others as I had done for so many years as a JW.

    I don't think too much of my long nose was from being an elder's daughter. When a friend and I would go out, often they were allowed to go because of my "status". I felt that was BS and I was just a good person, raised by good people to be responsible. My long nose was from the JW teachings and being taught that I was "saved and righteous" and the people at each door were not.

    Oh gag me!

    HH the Dahli Lama looks out on humanity and thinks to himself that these are just people. He is just a person. There is no difference. It's part of why he is the Compassionate Buddha.

    Hugs to all you other warts out there. I love ya!


  • LongHairGal


    I know what you mean about those "needy types". If you were a single person on the fringes of the congregation those types always found you. You were a perfect target because you didn't have a mate to intervene! It has been my observation that these needy types fall into two categories: one who is lovable and genuine but a little "off" and the other is an out-and-out con artist!

    Unfortunately, the second category did the most damage to unsuspecting persons. What usually went with this picture was an excess of "spirituality", humor, etc. Whenever I used to see this an alarm went off in my head. A type like that came to our hall some years back and I saw all the tell-tale signs of somebody full of it. I mentioned this to a friend who pooh-poohed me. Some JWs can be so naive! A few years down the road I was proved right in my assessment.


  • karly

    Country girl and Love11 and Bem, Thanks for your comments, I do need to pursue my passion and make new friends. It is so hard. Too old for the young crowd but not old either. Karly

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