GB member Dan Sydlik's Exile

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    Lurkers and Bethel monitors:

    Let this be a lesson to you as to the disloyal and self serving nature of the Organization. Dan Sydlik risked his life and freedom for this cult by his "vacations" in Communist Eastern Europe. Then he gets treated like this....

    Never doubt for one minute that the Organization will sacrifice you personally if it suits their ends. That's just the way it is. They endless prate on about loyalty because they lack it.


  • sir82

    Never doubt for one minute that the Organization will sacrifice you personally if it suits their ends.

    Worth a highlighting and a repeat...for all the lurking elders & COs too.

  • Balaamsass2

    Marina was just a couple of years older than me at Bethel. Dan was my weekend table head and about 30+ years older than Marina. I sat almost directly across from Marina for breakfast. Yes she was HOT in her 20s ( who isn't?) and she was always nicely dressed and wore expensive perfume. I found her to be down to earth and engaging ...if... it was subject she was interested in. Theater, travel, the outside world, food, her jewelry, cooking etc. They lived just 3 doors down from me in the 124 Building and I had the "priviledge" of sharing the shower with Dan...

    My first weeks at Bethel Dan was certain I was gay..and he made some rude comments to that effect. Hey I was a Pioneer with bushy hair, long sideburns and a mustache. I wore a Kimono from Hawaii to the bathroom and was from....drums roll...SAN FRANCISCO.

    Dan did not like the two of us talking about stuff he could not pontificate about...and Dan gave me the stink eye after he decided I wasn't gay. Dan was pissed when Marina said they should join me for a Bethel breakfast "Break" at a sidewalk cafe' off Montegue St for expresso, breakfast, and the NYT. "Why would anyone want to waste money eating outside on the sidewalk?" Dan exclaimed. It became a tad uncomfortable after that.

    However it allowed me to not show up for breakfast "worship" regularly without problem, and I found myself suddenly transfered to a nice brownstone down the street soon after.

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