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    Some years ago, Dan Came to our home town and met him personally. We have a 'suck-up' brother who loves to invite and say we had so and so staying at our place, big deal! This same brother whom I helped to get start in a business ended up stabbing me in the back. Draw your own conclusions.


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    Room 215

    New Boy: I left Bethel in June of 1969 and I believe they were married by then; at least, she was in Bethel at the time. From what I hear, he and Jaracz can't stand to be in the same room at the same time. From what I remember, he fancied himself an ``enfant terrible"; he wore a beret and and an artist (he used to paint) and often spouted views contrary to the ``company line," a sort of ``closet liberal" who pulled in his horns when the Franz/Dunlap poop hit the fan. I found him more than a bit overbearing and self-important.

    You're right about Marina being hot-- and very nice-- however.

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    She IS hot. I was at the house in the early to mid 90s and she was SMOKIN'!! I didn't know her that well when I was there, but she didn't seem to be as pretentious as some of the other GB wives. This same ex-Bethelite also said one of the reasons why it was so controversial was because Sydlik knew her and her family ever since she was a little girl and she used to sit on his lap.

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    And I will verify if she is hot or not.

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    Mary, here's a piece I've posted before but some helpful insite on the GB>

    Faithful and discreet slave class" ...... Here is my explaination of:

    Hmm, yes it's tough being a slave class isnt' it? Hang out in fat pad in New York City, not have to do any real work. Write books and magazines pontificating on how "giving" you are as a class. I can only imagine the stress of your everyday existence. Sit around a prepared breakfast with other "slaves" discussing what "new light" you'd like to make up... I mean initiate. Then it's off to "the office" to sit around some more discussing what pieces / parts of blood chemistry are ok as "true Christians". Hmm,,, hemoglobin good.... red blood cells bad..... platelets good..... clotting agents good, no bad, no good, no bad, um.... up to Christian conscience. WHEW!!! Time for lunch. So off you sit to another prepared meal with other "like minded slaves". You use this time to look around the cafeteria looking for "brothers and sisters" who need their "thinking adjusted". Most people call this gossip... you call it "tending to the flock". Tomato / Tomatoe.

    After lunch it's on to the most arduous part of your day....preparing to "dispense the food in due season" to the minions.... I mean "other sheep". This is where I see the "sweat of your brow" really forming. This "meaty" food (aka next month's Watchtower) takes alot of thinking. How exactly does "time, time and half a time" tie into 1914, 607 etc... etc.... Wait the 70 years of Jeruselum's fall is a literal year, but time, time, half a time is a figurative year, tied into another literal year of 1914, but tied to Romans 5:12 somehow, "And through one man sin entered into the world". Hmm, this is tough.

    You spend the afternoon thinking yourself into a circle until good ole' Brother SoAndSo declares it's time to "throw your burden on Jehovah". SoAndSo rolls a fat joint, smokes a bit and passes it around to other "discreet slaves". The non-marijuana sheep pour themselves a few glasses of the "blood of Christ" (or as Michael Jackson calls it, Jesus Juice). Somehow the circle you thought yourself into earlier in the afternoon now makes complete sense. That joint.... I mean "prayful consideration" really helped clarify your dogma.

    Now it's off to the cafeteria for dinner. Chicken Spaghetti again? How many times have you told Brother Chef you don't like chicken?!? He's obviously being "head strong and puffed up with pride". Maybe he needs some "private reproof". No, No, too much work. You simply make a mental note that Brother Chef will need to be moved "where the need is greater".

    Time for "private study". You open the newspaper and see the latest Catholic priest sex / pedophilia scandal. You chuckle to yourself that "the great harlot" is "reaping what she sows". Make another mental note to include in the next Watchtower "how screwed up the Catholic church is". Sex scandal.... idiots, can't they keep that stuff quiet!

    You figure you can use a cup of decaf before falling off to sleep. On your way to the coffee dispenser down in the lobby you decide to stop off on one of the dorm floors. You figure other Behelites might want to ask "the great teacher" (You) some questions on this week's bible study. After passing thru the many kiss asses and suck ups you see Brother StudyHard engrossed in reading. He has 8 books strewn about, open, underlined.... You ask him how the Watchtower reading is going and ask why he has so many open books. Brother StudyHard mentions he likes to read all the cross referenced quotes and materials. You point out to him that the reason you list those referenced materials is so that HE doesn't need to do that.

    As you leave Brother StudyHard's room you make a mental note to yourself that Brother StudyHard obviously has too much time on his hands, therefore he should get more "privledges". On your way back to your room you notice the light hearted, good natured, laughter in the air. You wonder if the "organization" is becoming too "worldly". Don't they realize how much suffering this is "serving" God?

    You retire to your room to fall asleep in your own bed. Maybe you'll have a "vision" on what we should print next week. Tough day INDEED!!!

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    All the pettiness and resentments at the GB level show clearly how spiritual and god approved they are. They get de-mythologised as most if not all people that know them have nothing good to say about their quality as individuals No wonder why they dish out so many lies to the dubs.

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    darth frosty

    This same ex-Bethelite also said one of the reasons why it was so controversial was because Sydlik knew her and her family ever since she was a little girl and she used to sit on his lap.

    This is true I heard from sydlik himself how his wife used to sit on his knee when she was a little girl. Remember the Congo park talks they used to have in brkln, he told the story at one of them.

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    darth frosty - "...I heard from Sydlik himself how his wife used to sit on his knee when she was a little girl."

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