Do Your Neighbors Think You're Nuts?

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  • love2Bworldly

    Leological One--I wish the best for you and hope you are getting specialized help for the M issues. My husband was never a JW but was severely molested as a child by an uncle and I was the first person he told 30 years later. It can ruin your life if you don't work through it, and we certainly have our marital issues because of it. We can't afford the $80 per session that a local therapy place was charging us, so I'm going to do some research on my own for the time being--get some books etc. Anyway, wish you much luck.

  • Crumpet

    ((((leological one))))))) What you said about horrible things always coming out of your mouth - I can relate to that. Anytime anyone at work talks to me I reply negatively - its become habit - it was the way to stop "worldly" people taking to me so i wouldnt be influenceed. But I am changing that and thinking of nice things that are really there in my heart to say and practising smiling a lot more too.

    As for neighbours - I have thought my B/F was totally insane for chatting to the neighbours over the garden fence - then he started going our for a monthly curry with them too. I was like lets hide in the house if they are in their garden - even if it was a glorious sunny day. But our neighbours are lovely friendly people and I am starting to take time to chat to them too and be friendly. Its hard to get rid of that "avoid the worldly people" mentality out of your head, but rewarding to open yourself up to their friendship.

    (Secretly I still wish the Conifers I planted to make their garden and ours a bit more separate would grow more quickly, but thats more fro topless sun bathing purposes!)

  • prophecor

    (Secretly I still wish the Conifers I planted to make their garden and ours a bit more separate would grow more quickly, but thats more for topless sun bathing purposes!)

    If your pictures are as acurate as they've reflected in the past, you would do the Sun a smiling bit of justice, to rain topless, rays of delight on your person.

  • Crumpet

    Prophecor - I shall bouncing home from work in five minutes with a very big smile on my face for all my neighbours to enjoy. You are right - I should love my neighbour as myself - bazookas included!

  • prophecor

    Well, I wasn't gonna say but...

    Aye, Aye, they, you do speak volumes! what was I thinking?

  • bem

    My neighbors prolly do think I'm nuts, first my kids move out then they move back in three weeks later. and we all work different hours so our house is lit up all day and night.

    But I consider myself a very good neighbor,I leave everyone the heck alone. unless they need something.

  • blondie

    We've always socialized to some degree with our neighbors, get to know their names, pets, children, etc. I have found that people in general aren't necessarily into getting "close" with the neighbors. People are busy with family, work, school, etc. We participate in the neighborhood association and certain neighborhood projects and musical functions.

    To me it seemed ludicrous to avoid talking to the neighbor and then walk up to their door in a suit or dress with bookbag in hand and butt into a very personal part of the their life.


  • diamondblue1974

    My neighbours are cool...they have invited us round for BBQ's and regularly chat over the garden fence; the wind we had in the UK a few months back was a great icebreaker...given that we had just moved in. We needed to fix a fence panel and needed access their garden...Elaine did her usual chatting to the neighbour bit while I struggled with the next door neighbours husband to fix the fence.

    Its a massive culture shock for those who like me were brought up to avoid needless associations with worldly people.

    Crumpet if you can arrange transportation you can have our conifers as they are a nightmare....does anyone know a good tree surgeon, then again better not... your neighbours will probably get a petition up against me for spoiling their quiet enjoyment view.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Even while being a JW, I've always been thought a bit odd, but friendly... heheh. Sure, I'm odd, and my neighbors know it, and they don't care. They're as odd as I am! The neighbor on my East side goes out dressed in Civil War outfits and plays the pan flute on sunny summer mornings. It's pleasant. We don't see much of him, though. His wife and he prefer to be left alone, so we respect that. They are pleasant when they are out in their yard, and they wave to us as we drive by. I have no neighbors on the other three sides, just pastures. But the neighbors up the road think we're odd, and we think they're odd, but that doesn't stop us from going out with them for a bite once in awhile, or riding our horses up there and visiting.

    My husband, Rat, is very quiet, shy and introverted. He was a wonderful sense of humour after he gets to know someone, though, and people find that endearing. I am the more gregarious of us two, and I have no qualms about talking to all the neighbors!


  • cyborgVision

    Yeah, WTS really screws your life so much so that you can't relate to your neighbors. And who is there first at the time of crisis? Usually neighbors not "brothers" and "sisters"
    Actually JWs are there only when you need company for barbeque or lunch.
    So you might as well invite neighbors they'll appreciate it much more. (JW would think that's what you must do, so that they would think of you as a "spiritual bro" - just screw them, hell I'd invite whole neighborhood)

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