Does anyone know somebody in WT writing department?

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  • Lehaa

    My grandmother used to write the special interest articles for the Australian Bethel. She is a very intelligent woman, has a great sense of humour too, but is still very brainwashed and controlled by the borg.

  • cyborgVision

    ?. Also are those international writing depts. only for top up of Awake content or do they have more meaningful role? Along the same line who writes watchtowers i.e. THE most influential stuff or books for that matter? Are there scholars in Greek and Hrbrew?

  • cyborgVision

    Thanks Lehaa, good to know that (love your posts)

    The fact is that almost every article I've ever read has had fatalistic undercurrent which basically goes along the line "resistance is futile" i.e. don't try changing anything until the kingdom comes, which is a devastating reasoning responsible for many JW and xJW not trying to change their predicament until they are deep in problems due to listening to such line of reasoning. One of most vivid examples is verbiage used to describe higher schooling which to unsuspecting souls was like a poison in a cake.

    While I do realize that such stance goes much further than writing department alone and basically permeate whole of the WT society. Nevertheless, writers often have degree of expressive freedom which they may use or abuse. How they will deal with that depends great deal on both their inner character and level of "worldly" education.

    Why do I keep repeating education?

    It is not to point at general incompetence when talking about certain issues but because level of education is general guideline about real depth of someone?s thinking abilities and how much he/she rejects official dogmatism to infiltrate their work.

    On the other hand, importance of professionalism cannot be overemphasized. While it is great to have sharp-witted people around it is equally important that what they write is not just based on their "educated" guess-work but on depth of understanding or all related issues. It is like if someone says being an engineer start talking about medicine. While what he says may sound smart to non-professional public, true medical professional will quickly notice just opinionated guess-work.

    Now, when you are printing your literature to be read by about 17 million people then this importance gets whole new level, especially if we are talking about international audience.

  • MattieSus

    Didn't see any women till you get down to the legal dept....hmmmm. I don't know if this is still the practice, but "articles of interest" mostly for the Awake had long been from contributors. And don't know what tunes they're singing these days, but the older song books were filled with contributed music and lyrics.

    On the other issue though, regarding the "heavier" material: Ray Franz was compiling the Aid books when he got into trouble for trying to correct the chronology issue, and took a lot of heat from the GB. Seems to me you get a lesson there about the writer/editor hierarchy.

  • Aude_Sapere

    Jim Pellachia was CO for many years. He and his wife would stay at our home for 3 weeks at a time.

    They got called to Bethel for his wife Renate's computer background when MEPS was being developed.

    Later she moved into 'research' (I believe) and he was assigned to writing department.

    You can google lots on him.


  • Lehaa
    Thanks Lehaa, good to know that (love your posts)

    Awwwww shucks thanks

  • jgnat

    In my opinion, the articles all have the "written by committee" flavour to them. They are homogenous, bland. As if a three-course meal had been boiled for three hours and then put through the blender. Who would want to live on that?

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