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  • simplesally

    I love Moroccan food. Has anybody else been to a Moroccan restaurant? There are at least 2 I know of here in the LA area. One of the dishes I love the best is b'stilla. It's a chicken, almond, egg, cinnamon pie wrapped in philo topped with powdered sugar. MMMM good.

    And the best part is ............ you sit on pillows on the floor or low couches. You eat with your fingers. Your napkin is about the size of a towel. Belly Dancers!

  • candidlynuts

    you ate a belly dancer? GASP!

    the most exotic thing i eat is brussle sprouts.

  • EvilForce

    I like Ethiopean food. Mostly vegetarian which is nice !

  • simplesally

    There's a chain of restaurants down here now called Zankou's.......... mmmm good.

    That's chicken and hummus. They serve it with a garlic sauce/paste that you spread on pita bread and then put your hummus and chicken in it.

  • Aude_Sapere

    There was a moraccan restuarant on sunset that we used to go to

    That was maybe 20 years ago. Really enjoyed it.

    Haven't seen since then. I'm not part of the 'in' crowd at the hall anymore.

    I did not know Moraccan food would be chain-worthy. But then again, it's LA....


  • simplesally

    Aude................ Dar Maghreb's is still there. Those are the pics at the top.

    Zankou is not Moroccan............ it's considered Middle Eastern. They started up in the Glendale area where the population is very M.E. (primarily Lebanese and Persian). Zankou now has Pasadena, Anaheim and Van Nuys locations as well as the original Glendale.

  • lonelysheep

    The moroccon food sounds so good!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    No Moroccan restaurants in my area. Perhaps in Ft. Myers. Would have to look into it.

    Belly dancers? Sounds more like a place where guys would love to eat!


  • Sweetp0985

    It's a chicken, almond, egg, cinnamon pie wrapped in philo topped with powdered sugar

    Chicken served as a dessert??? or is the powdered sugar added for decor??? I've watched my share of Iron Chef and have been amazed by what they can make into a dessert.....

    I'd be interested in trying something like this tho...the food lover i am

  • Jim_TX

    Hmmm... looks good.

    Here locally... in San Antonio, there are a few restaurants that are 'exotic'... I suppose.

    The restaurants run the gamut from...

    Mexican Food - most popular for some reason...

    Chinese Food

    Japanese Food

    Korean Food - different from chinese... interesting...

    Greek Food

    and so on...

    San Antonio has quite a diverse culture.


    Jim TX

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