How long is a cotton picking minute?

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  • Elsewhere

    Sometimes I hear someone say: "Hold on just one cotton pick'in minute...."

    I'm wondering, is a "cotten picking minute" a "bored" minute that feels like a long time or is it a "busy" minute that seems to fly by?

  • Sparkplug

    I's dunt no nuttin bout pikkin no cotin mr. Elsewhere...

  • stillajwexelder

    as long as apiece of string or as far as the crow flies

  • mkr32208

    It's a minute that seems to last forever. Picking cotton (or pulling vines or baling hay or breaking up concrete or just about any other hard a$$ work will fit in here) The time seems to take forever to get by you bust your butt for what seems like hours only to find that ten or fifteen minutes have passed...

    The reason that "cotton picking" probrably caught on is that it rolls off the tongue well and unfortunatly there is probrably some racial meaning too oh well such is life!

  • EvilForce

    Not sure if it is a swear word replacement or truly a means of measuring how long a minute should be.

    Cotton picking is a long, ardous process, hot not sure.

    I do know what "Shitting in tall cotton" means though :)

  • Sparkplug
    "Shitting in tall cotton"

    please define...

  • Wild_Thing

    Seeing how it is a southern expression, I would guess that it is a lot longer than 60 seconds!!

  • Pwned

    yeah it defnitely had racist undertones.

  • EvilForce

    Shitting in tall cotton refers to keeping your private business shielded from other's prying eyes.

    So when you needed to go to the bathroom you would find tall cotton to squat down in so others wouldn't see you carrying out your private business.

    So if you noticed a friend was absent and asked someone who knew where he was.... he would say he was Shitting In Tall Cotton....which could refer to him sleeping with his mistress, at the doctor, etc....

  • Sparkplug

    That is great! Thanks Evil! I must have been shitting in tall cotton last

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