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  • NoGoodDeed

    Juan - I have to agree with you and the others who feel that the caller (JWFairyTale) has done a disservice to ex Jehovah's Witnesses and even those who are truly "apostates."

    After I saw this video for the first time I looked at  JWFT's You Tube channel and was sickened and disappointed in what I saw. I can not support this kind of activism against either Jehovah's Witnesses or the Watchtower organization. If it is anything at all it is one hundred percent counter productive. How anyone who opposes the Watchtower and supports the very good work of so many ex JW activists could show any support at all for this kind of abuse of the phone responders is far beyond my level of reasoning.

    I imagine that ex JWs come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds - I have never met any serious persons that would dress up like some evil clown, try to talk like a demon, and then bully people on the phone. Is that who we are? Will some of us become the physical manifestations of the very "demon inspired apostates" that give Jehovah's Witnesses nightmares? I certainly hope not.

    I could imagine that the same arguments, and perhaps even the very same words that FairyTale used in his video could be used successfully. But the threatening and aggressive way he goes about asking his questions and addressing his objections are bully techniques. I wonder how he grew up and what he experienced to be so comfortable acting and speaking this way.

    Normally I would never speak out against another ex JW who expressed their pain and their frustration with the Watchtower and the governing body. But in this case I think serious harm may have been done that will tarnish the sincere efforts of those who are trying to get as many Jehovah's Witnesses out  and to keep non-JWs from considering ever going into that religion.

    This horrible event recorded on video over a non-event with little or no importance to the broader debate should not be celebrated or appreciated by any of us here. - NGD

  • kairos

    Maybe you aren't familiar with JWFT's channel...

    I watched the entire video and it was flawless.

    Those periods of "elder silence". That was the guy trying to reset his mind control.
    "Deer in the headlights".
    This was followed by, "write a letter".

    As a legit caller that was was upset by "wrong conduct", he has a case.

  • kairos

    JWFT has courage that some of us only wish we could muster.

    I'll admit that when I first saw his channel, I was also put off... At first.

    Listen to his story.


    I find him super entertaining and totally get where he's coming from.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    JWFT definitely puts their 'feet to the fire' and keeps them answering and excusing and justifying over and over again. Though his presentation may not suit everyone, who on this forum has even contacted Bethel headquarters and asked anything, anytime? My guess is that if you have it has been with timidity and hesitation. JWFT shows 'righteous indignation' and with that weapon few can stand.

    This is a valuable recorded conversation. Download it and keep it as a reference. Use what you can and ignore what you cannot. If you fault it, come up with your own. Let everyone else see what YOU can offer.

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