I'm going to Bethel... Wanna Come?

by RichieRich 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • xjw_b12

    Ask them how much they are getting for selling their properties.

    Oh and try in sneak into the library and borrow their copy of COC, or all the other apostate literature they have there.

    Ask if you can borrow their UN library card because you want to visit there next.

    Sneak into a bethelite's room that has a computer, and check their IE favourites list to see if JWD is there.

  • adelmaal

    Be strong brother! My daughter is 10 and she will be visiting Bethel with her Grandmother (my ex's mom) this summer. We talked about it and I told her it will be good for her to see where the little group of men who write there opinions about the Bible in the WTBTS literature live. Hopefully, she will be able to see that it is just a glorified publishing company.

  • sunshineToo

    Screw the Bethel tour!

    Make sure you have a slice at Ray's Pizza, and catch a musical at Broadway.

  • 95stormfront

    Had a relative that went there on one of those Bus tours last year. Bring a supersize bag of your own CD music and DVD's least you be stuck watching WT videos the whole time or some other insanely G rated movie so as to appease the strictest conscious aboard.

    Lights out on the Bus when old sister Pioneer goes to sleep so as not to ruffle the adult and elder feathers.

    I will never be caught on a bus with that many "hovah's" for any length of time.

  • Dismembered

    Take a cab over the Brooklyn Bridge, and go have fun. Screw the tour.


    "Don't you go dyin' on me now"

  • NewYork44M

    Keep in mind that you can do the Brooklyn tour in about fifteen minutes. The factory buildings are more or less empty. They may take you to a few empty floors but that is about it. The 25 Columbia Heights building is really the only building with a tour worth mentioning. But it wont take more than 10 minutes. The 117 Columbia Heights building is all boarded up with a massive refurbishing project going on. So nothing there. They don't give tours of the residences. So, Brooklyn Heights is a lovely place walk around enjoy the sights. If you are there on Sunday you should be able to see some real estate open houses. That is always a source of entertainment.

  • Shania

    No doubt you will be heading to the fancy Patterson teaching center, you will be blown away how much money is spent on these buildings and to think Jeses didn't have a place to lay his head.............they criticize the Catholic for ornateness when they turn around and do the very same thing.................shame on them from taking money from families that can't afford shoes for their kids so they can have their marbel floors and walls it made me sick at seeing it....................all the workers look robotic like they were steford people.................if this is what the new order is all about they can keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avishai
    i'd say try to have fun, enjoy NYC, its a great city. tune out the overzealous idiots and just enjoy urself,

    Yep. When I went seeing new york was at least fun. Eat hot pretzels from street vendors, check out the ladies, try and go to some local hangouts.

  • ezekiel3
    Ask if you can borrow their UN library card because you want to visit there next.


    They got props now, so you can have fun posing with the old coleporter magazine bags, etc.

    I hear they may set up cardboard cutouts of Russel and Rutherford with the faces cut out too.

  • glitter

    Go to NYC (with headphones.)
    Make sure you have your own cash/ATM card on you, not in your mum/dad's purse/wallet or anything.

      The key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands:
    • Fake a stomach cramp.
    • While you're bent over moaning and wailing, lick your palms.
    • It's kind of childish and stupid, but then again, so is a Bethel tour.
    • (Ferris Bueller, you're my hero.)

    Convince your mum and dad to let you stay in bed in the hotel all day while they go and look at exciting presses.
    As soon as they leave - sod off to all the touristy places and have a really great time!!!

    But I'd go, and look pityingly at all the Bethelites and make loud comments like "Gosh that looks expensive." and "Where do you pulp all the Old Light?" and "I bet 99%-100% of this paper is recycled, right?" (no idea if it is, but would be interesting to find out!).

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