I'm going to Bethel... Wanna Come?

by RichieRich 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • el jarocho mayor
    el jarocho mayor

    Richie, you will be impressed by MEPS. Behold its awesomeness! Oh yeah I did this trip twice! cuz when you do it twice your twice as spiritual, right? GAG me! Anyways, when the brothers decide to sing praise to Joe Hoba of Homies on the bus, thats when you want to break out your apple ipod.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    A big anti climax heading yours and everybodies way...when i went on the tour it was dull as ditch water and everyone working there had smiles painted on their faces...till you left the Room!! I left my camera,went back to get it an was presented with the most miserable bunch of Blokes i ever did see....

    still i spose no-one forces them to be there....

    yes,you do have my Sympathies Matey....

  • Honesty

    Take a survival kit with you..... leather bag with garlic, down feathers, rat tail and a cat's toenail to ward off the WT spirits.

  • jula71

    I made this trip about 8+ years ago. The bus ride ride was pretty boring and long. Bring a walkman with plenty of CD's....

  • love11

    My advice... fake sickness and don't go or bring headphones.

  • candidlynuts

    i had a relative that went.. she was shocked at the oppulence of that theater they tour thats been converted to an assembly hall, also all the different holdings.. she (Like me) grew up poor and struggled to fit donations in our household budgets (budgets where kids wore shoes till their toes peaked out and the bills were paid by what utility is in danger of being cut off this month)

    she said she threw up it upset her so much. and her "voluntary donations' went down to nothing for years.she said she realized her family needed it more than the wtbs needed a ficus tree in their lobby.

  • bonnzo

    bring an ipod w/lots of metal/rap music. make sure the music is DEMONIZED. see if anything strange happens on the way. if bibles start floating around the bus, you know it'll be your fault.

  • Pwned

    i'd say try to have fun, enjoy NYC, its a great city. tune out the overzealous idiots and just enjoy urself, I never really liked being a witness but i always enjoyed going to the DC's cause it was a vacation from the norm even if you did have to endure 7 - 8 hours a day of propaganda. the best time was when we had it in montreal canada and we discovered that the hotels over there have a free hard core porn channel, i think my dad was suspicious of why i suddenly didnt feel like going out to eat with the family every evening, i gave him the pool excuse.

  • bikerchic
    I was just wondering, is there anything I should look for/ be on the alert for? Any tips/advice/methods for dealing with over zealous dubs hopped on Jehovah Juice?

    Richie my brother went back to Bethel in the late 60's fully expecting to see wonderful things and be convinced that he would come back home to work hard to become a Bethelite. As he now says and said even shortly after his trip, it was a good thing for him to see Bethel first because he knew it wasn't any place he wanted to be. He didn't want to spend his life working for a publishing company. As a young kid he saw what it was really all about and in hindsight he (he hasn't been a JW for years) really believes seeing Bethel is what kept him from being a devout JW and reaching out for any servant positions in the many congregations he was in.

    I think you'll see plenty without the Jesus Juice, but then again it just might make the whole experince a little easier on ya.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I visited the UK Befel a few years ago. Befel trips remind me of that Simpsons episode where Bart's class visit the box factory except as uninteresting as boxes are they're very useful unlike stuff coming out of Befel.

    I hope for your sake the 60 dubs on the bus don't start singing kingdom songs on the way there

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