When the cats away - how do you meeces play?

by Crumpet 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • pennycandy

    I'm so jealous of all you freebirds. My cat's out of town this week too, but that just means that I have to manage the house, three kids, two dogs, and a hamster all by myself. Not much playing going on here. I want my cat back!

  • BrendaCloutier

    My cats seldom go outta town, except for Max who goes to the family farm over Christmas...... he's a diabetic and requires shots.

    Now my Kevan? When he goes outta town, I either go with him, or meet him and drive him home. I get all day home alone with out him. But I'll tell ya, I love his outta towns...... Mexico, Hawaii, hmmmm nice.

  • Carmel

    go on line and send sarcasm to unsuspecting victims


  • jula71

    Oh man...I love weekends like that!!!! Loud music, action/war movies, much beer, and yes......in my underwear as well. Must be a guy thing.

  • Dustin

    I agree with Doogie about video games and beer. I also love going out to sing kareoke. Famous 17

  • IP_SEC

    You get another vote for doogies recipe for happiness right hear.

    Video games, no pants, cold beer.

  • love11

    I like to play Fleetwood Mac and dance-ercise in front of the mirror.

  • Dan-O

    I get to watch TV in the bedroom when she's out of town ... maybe even fall asleep with it on ... and wake up to The History Channel in the morning! I can eat sardines without anyone complaining about my breath. I eat Swiss cheese and produce disgusting odors & noises without anyone waving their arms or crying "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EAT, DAN??" I turn up the music as loud as I want ... whether it's Johnny Cash or Eminem or Bob Marley or Dwight Yokum or Billie Holliday or John Lee Hooker or The Offspring ... it's gonna rattle the windows. I can fry calimari without complaint. I can have beef for dinner.

    I think she's due for another weekend at her mother's.

  • Lehaa

    Well it's just me and the kids but they go to there dad's evey other weekend.

    So i guess it's while the kittens are away this mouse plays.

    I usually head out grab a bottle of red and a pizza and some dvd's. Real scary ones, the scarier the better.

    Hang around on the net, chat on msn, play loud music, 3 doors down, Greed, Anastacia, Kelly Clarkson, Robbie Williams, etc.

    Some weekends I catch up with old friends for lunch.

    Try to avoid housework.

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