God and the Devil are both a bit evil

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  • whyamihere

    Dustin is the Devil!(kidding)


  • Dustin

    No, but I like to think I am.

  • whyamihere

    I have the Devil's laugh!(evil and naughty giggle)


  • Dustin

    I'm slowly growing horns off of my bald head. My skin is also becoming increasingly red in shade. Is that a sign?

  • whyamihere

    No, Dustin that's not a sign that you are becoming the Devil ......you just look like your Mom!

    Wow that was a great come back! Yes I am kidding!


  • googlemagoogle

    hi witness of jah, welcome to the board!

    thanks for your eye-opening comment ;-) there are some things to think about though:

    - the bible shows more than enough "god is on a killing spree"

    - thus people serve jehovah because of fear, not because of love

    - if god is the waterglass and we KNOW from the bible he's not all good (which is the poison in your parable), we shouldn't drink it. so stay away from him.

    - as i said before, if satan is one of the most intelligent beings and dragged a huge part of angles with him, hes got to see some chance to win a battle against god. so there's no way to tell who's on the winning side.

    i'd appreciate your feedback on this.

  • GetBusyLiving

    :Even if Satan was good would you want to be on the loseing side if god is the most powerful force in all existince then why would you want to go against him?

    Yet another great point showing how the Bible is just a bunch of fables and myths.


  • Qcmbr

    More doctrine from the world of the Morms:

    1/ We are the same as God , Satan is the same as us , Jesus is the same as us - we are all intelligences who are Not created - we are eternal , undestroyable and uncreateable.
    2/ God has progressed in intelligence and glory and wants us to do the same - he makes it possible for us with this Earth.
    3/ Everyone here on earth already decided not to follow Satan in the Great war in Heaven - everyone here chose God's side - hence your here with a body and a chance of eternal progression while Satan and the rebellious spirits are stopped in their progression.
    4/ Satan was once good and was called Lucifer - his pride and desire to be in charge (over God) caused the whole war.
    5/ Satan is still fighting the war and many people are still making the choice to reject God - even though initially they joined up for the long haul.
    6/ Jesus said - make man free, let them sin, I will die for everyone and those who accept me can continue to progress - but some people would not make it and the Glory is God's. Satan said baloney , everyone can become like God , get a body, no free will, everyone will be saved , Glory be mine.
    7/ Today, the two plans are still being played out in many world scenarios - many people don't want to be responsible for anything - they want a free ride - free will is often debated as to whether it even exists.
    8/ Spiritual death is to leave the presence of God, physical death is to lose our body. Jesus overcame both and all will be resurrected (ie we didn't take the fruit so we aren't accountable) but not everyone will be spiritually reborn (we are accountable for our desires and choices.) Seems fair to me. In terms of annihilation of the spirit - simply impossible, God cannot destroy the spirit.
    9/ God desires us as his children to progress by free will and love(being good is obeying God) while Satan wants us to progress by pride and hate(evil.) God is not evil and while Satan rebels he cannot be good.

    Look up King Follett Discourse on web if you want to see some of this doctrine in all its fun.

    Flame away!!

  • Bas

    even though i can see some logic in this Mormon explanation, it still SUCKS IMO


  • talesin

    Satan and G*d are just sides of the same coin. A parable for good and evil that encourages black-and-white thinking, and allows for religion to make rules in order to control people.

    my 2


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