Examples of JW's taking one scripture and EXPLOITING it

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  • Brummie

    All cults home in on one particular phrase and make it sacred doctrine. JWs also use the term "144000" "armageddon" and "Paradise" as if these words appeared on eery page of the Bible. In reality, Paradise is the most extensively used with a whopping "3" appearences in the NT !


  • jaffacake

    What a good thread! I'm cutting & pasting some of these for my files. Especially zugs.

    AlmostAthiest mention of sects reminds me of some great stuff I copied from another thread:

    Galatians Chapter 5:18 Furthermore, if YOU are being led by spirit, YOU are not under law.
    19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, and they are fornication, uncleanness, loose conduct, 20 idolatry, practice of spiritism, enmities, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, contentions, divisions, sects, 21 envies, drunken bouts, revelries, and things like these. As to these things I am forewarning YOU, the same way as I did forewarn YOU, that those who practice such things will not inherit God?s kingdom. 22 On the other hand, the fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, 23 mildness, self-control. Against such things there is no law. 24 Moreover, those who belong to Christ Jesus impaled the flesh together with its passions and desires.
    25 If we are living by spirit, let us go on walking orderly also by spirit. 26 Let us not become egotistical, stirring up competition with one another, envying one another.

    I believe One Faith means Christianity that transcends man-made religious fences, united in one Lord, one faith, one baptism - nothing denominational. This suggests Christians seeking to distance themselves from other Christian religions are guilty of "works of the flesh" and "will not inherit the kingdom of God". Let me make peace with those others who believe in Christ, whatever their man made religious persuasion.

  • Leolaia

    A favorite example of mine is John 17:3:

    "This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ" (John 17:3; NWT)

    The actual wording in the Greek is: "But this is eternal life in order that they may know (ginóskósi) you, the only true God, and whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ". Here the NWT has expanded the simple "know" into "taking in knowledge". In the context of John, it is not impersonal knowledge about the Father (in the sense of facts or information) that is being discussed but a personal, experiential knowledge....of knowing the Father, just as the disciples knew Jesus as a person. Thus Jesus is the Revealer of the Father: "I have revealed you [the Father] to those whom you gave me out of the world" (17:6), so that "If you [the disciples] really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on you do know him and have seen him" (14:7). The NWT rendering replaces this personal knowing with an impersonal "taking in knowledge" about someone. This rendering also facilitates an interpretation which associates the process of "taking in knowledge" with book-learning through Watchtower publications, the Bible, and through meetings and conventions:

    ***w52 10/1 p. 608 Announcements ***

    As stated by the greatest prophet that ever lived: "This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ." (John 17:3, NW) Life actually depends on our gaining this knowledge, as found in God's Word, the Bible.

    *** w55 1/1 p. 20 Consider One Another, Trusting in Jehovah ***

    In this prayer Jesus was very anxious to see his followers take in this true knowledge of the Sovereign Ruler of the universe and to understand why he sent his Son to earth, for with this information one can know the way to everlasting living. From this we can see, then, how essential it is for every individual dedicated to Jehovah God to be busy in the congregation of Jehovah's people. Meeting attendance is a "must." Meeting attenders must speak up, communicate, express their minds, and they must keep spiritually-minded.

    ***w55 1/1 p. 16 Holding Fast the Public Declaration of Our Hope ***

    Through the Watchtower magazine and all companion publications, as well as through the congregation, circuit and district servants, the Watch Tower Society constantly stresses that we must study. Serious study is hard work. But it does yield happy results. It takes effort to search the Scriptures, but you know that the knowledge gained spells out life. Taking in knowledge of Jehovah God and of his Son, said Jesus, means everlasting life. (John 17:3)

    *** w57 1/1 p. 18 "Where Your Treasure Is There Your Heart Will Be" ***

    But which is worth more, the taking in of knowledge at the meetings and associating with Jehovah's witnesses, or the earning of those few extra dollars at the expense of becoming more tired, so that even after those extra hours you cannot do any other kind of work in the service of Jehovah?

    ***w68 3/1 p. 138 Are You Just Too Busy? ***

    An hour or two spent in systematic study of Bible topics each week is time well spent. Such study can be refreshing and deeply interesting. And there are immediate benefits: You will be able to explain why you believe as you do; if a parent, you will learn how to bring up your children "in the discipline and authoritative advice of Jehovah" (Eph. 6:4); and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are taking in the knowledge that leads to everlasting life.

    ***km 11/83 p. 3 Finding Joy in Personal Study ***

    First we must appreciate that taking in such knowledge actually means life for us. (John 17:3) So important is this that The Watchtower once stated: "If you 'cannot find time' for Bible study, then you are, in effect, saying that you do not want life." But should the gaining of everlasting life be the sole motive of our Bible study?

    ***km 11/83 p. 4 Presenting the Good News--Calling Back on Subscribers ***

    Help them to see how the Watchtower and Awake! magazines they receive will further improve their knowledge of God and his purposes. At the appropriate time offer to study with them and then be dependable in making your calls to assist them in taking in the knowledge that leads to everlasting life.--John 17:3.

    ***w87 6/15 p. 7 The "Blessed Trinity"--Is It in the Bible? ***

    We urge you to study God's Word and publications like this one that will help you to understand the Bible. Doing so is vital. Jesus said that everlasting life depends on taking in knowledge of him and of Jehovah--"the only true God."--John 17:3.

    ***g94 9/8 p. 10 Parents--Choose Your Child's Toys Wisely ***

    "This means everlasting life," says the Bible, "their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ." (John 17:3) Parents can play a major role in helping their children gain this lifesaving knowledge. Families among Jehovah's Witnesses try to make a study of the Bible a part of their regular routine. Often they do so with the assistance of publications such as My Book of Bible Stories, Listening to the Great Teacher, and Questions Young People Ask -- Answers That Work, which have been written especially for young ones.

    ***w96 5/15 p. 10 Devote Yourself to Reading ***

    Taking in and applying accurate knowledge of the Scriptures can result in life eternal. (John 17:3) Jehovah's Witnesses therefore realize that it is vitally important to read and study the Holy Scriptures and the Christian publications provided by God through the faithful and discreet slave class of anointed Christians. (Matthew 24:45-47) In fact, by using specially designed Watch Tower publications, thousands have been taught to read and thus acquire life-giving knowledge of God's Word.

    ***km 11/96 p. 4 "This Means Everlasting Life" ***

    Jesus' words recorded at John 17:3 are to be taken seriously. He meant what he said--taking in knowledge of God and Christ means everlasting life! But is it just by our possessing knowledge of Jehovah and Jesus that we will be rewarded with life eternal? No. The Israelites knew that Jehovah was their God, but their life course did not reflect that belief. As a result, they lost his favor. (Hos. 4:1, 2, 6) Today millions of people may "have a zeal for God; but not according to accurate knowledge." (Rom. 10:2) They need to come to know Jehovah, "the only true God," and to learn how to serve him properly. To that end, during November we will be offering the book Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life.

    *** w01 8/1 p. 14 Make Your Advancement Manifest ***

    By regularly taking in the spiritual food provided "at the proper time"--through Christian publications, meetings, assemblies, and conventions--we can be sure that we maintain "oneness" with fellow Christians in faith and knowledge.

    The NWT rendering of John 17:3 thus facilitates this very effective sales marketing strategy of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

  • AlanF

    Good point, Leolaia.

    Another reason the Society buggers John 17:3, I'm certain, is to downplay the notion that all Christians are supposed to have intimate relations with God and Jesus. Seeing the phrase "that they may know you" all the time would suggest to many JWs that the doctrine of "the anointed" as a small subclass of Christians is a crock, and would undermine the authority structure of the cult.


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