Speaking of user names...

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  • Purza

    Got to pick my own. It is my kitty's name. Purza. Cause she purrrrrrrz-a-lot.

  • bem

    I am so glad I ain't the only one has a problem with clowns!!! they creep me out, to much mystery,darkness and hidden danger,covering up evil.< *for those who may wonder why some of us have issues with clowns m2cents of explaination) not to be confused with what I may or may not think of mastadon,,,don't know him just his avatar scares me.

    I chose my user name.

    *disclaimer.to cma.

  • bem

    Dear District Overbeer is this the meaning behind Valis???

    Vast Active Living Intelligence System


  • tijkmo


    Living with a fear of clowns As long as I can remember I have lived with the fear of clowns (coulrophobia). I always thought I was on my own but over the years I have realised there are a lot of people in the same situation as me. None of my family or friends realise how afraid I am. They used to think it was a joke, and I suppose to most people, it does sound silly.
    My Dad always remembers taking me to the circus as a youngster; a clown apparently came up to me trying to be funny. Dad said I was petrified and jumped on to his knee, crying. I guess this may be where my fear stems from. I do remember that I used to go to friends parties but would always ask if they were going to have a clown beforehand - if they did, I wouldn't go. Some people must wonder what the big deal is? For me, I just can't bear their painted faces, curly wigs and big size 12 shoes.

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