Update on whyamihere and the little guy

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  • HadEnuf

    Hello everyone! Good news. Whyamihere and my son's little guy will be coming home from the hospital (hopefully) later this afternoon. He has regained 2 lbs. and is looking much better, though still not himself. Rough night for my son and Brookie too. They stayed all night at the hospital and had to tussle with a sick 1 yr. old hooked up to an IV (spells NIGHTMARE to me)! But they survived and the little love is getting better and even eating some cheerios this am. Fortunately the other grandma, Brooke's mom, took their 3 yr. old overnight. I will watch her for a few hours today.

    I know that there are a lot worse things than the flu...but people DO die from it...most likely those who are elderly and the very young, like my grandkiddy. So we are feeling very blessed that he will be okay.

    I started this new thread because I wanted to alert all of you who put down their good thoughts on the other thread to encourage Brookie (and me, though I don't think she has even had a chance to be on the computer yet) that the little guy would be all right and how much I appreciate all your love and "good karma"!

    You are all so kind. I never felt that in the JW organization. But I feel it here with people I have never, and may never, meet.

    Love and many hugs

  • Narkissos
  • jeanniebeanz

    That's good to hear, Cathy. Yes, convincing a little one to not pull out an IV is a nightmare. So glad that is almost over.

    Cheerios, huh? lol My kids all loved Cheerios. They'd try to balance one on each finger tip, and eat them one at a time...


  • candidlynuts

    thats good news! he'll be back to normal within a few days i'm sure. kids rebound so fast. spoil him rotten for a while! hugs

    brooke , i have been there with little kids.. had 3 kids with chicken pox at the same time along with secondary ear infections.hospital visits, fevers high enough to give me a heart attack etc. NIGHTMARE! they were bouncing off the walls within a few days and i was exhausted! thank God for caffiene! moms best friend!

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    Yay..glad to hear it. They sure can put us through alot of scares when they are little, I'm glad to hear all is well and he's doing better, he'll be back & bouncing before too long!


  • Mamacat

    Yay! I am glad to hear Brooke's son is on the mend. I hope he continues to improve quickly!

    My little guy had pnuemonia last month, and he was so not happy with the IV they gave him.

  • diamondblue1974
  • MerryMagdalene
  • Valis

    yay! I hate feeling yucky! Hope he will be OK and get back to the business of being a rowdy lad soon!

  • Dustin

    Glad to hear Jack is going to be feeling better. Super

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