What happens after.......

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  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    it would be nice if the reality I experience had some concrete stability to it which I could nicely fit into some purely materialist theory or find ultimate answers with just the matter and energy we are able to measure, feel, etc. but it had not turned out that way... I have experienced some really odd things since my exodus from JWs and even prior to it.... things which tell me that the purely physical way of seeing things cannot give me satisfactory answers.

    I have experienced several apparent past lives, I have seen things vanish right in front of me and turn up in other rooms, I have used a soldering iron and later found it had not been plugged in... and I know of very few who have lead a completely "normal" materialistic life free from such anomolies.... I have theories which can account for it all, but if they are correct, the world is not what it seems...and ultimately is sort of materialisticly based, but in multiple dimensions, which seems to match current physics...especially membrane theory in eleven dimensions.

    so I no longer believe in any human mythic god[s] as found in the bible and other cultural myths...but I do believe that what we are is more god like than we currently can appreciate.

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee
    I'd classify myself as a "hopeful agnostic" (grew up in the org.). I no longer believe in the bible as the "literal" word of any entity but more as a collection of literature and myths. I prefer the idea of an all-powerful God interested in me personally but this is a mystery mankind has yet to figure out

    That sums it up for me right now ... but I'm still searching for the 'truth' (not to be confused with the 'troof')

  • garybuss

    I might be slightly skeptical of groups who claim to channel to ghosts and gods.

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